What happened to the Knob on the Half Size unit

I absolutely love the On/Off switch on my Olive NAP 140 and Olive HiCap. It feels such high quality, like a door on a Rolls Royce. Why wasn’t this fitted to the NAP 250, instead of that horrible square Tandy much switch. Even the HiCap DR on/off button doesnt fill me with any emotion. Bring back the knob!

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I was told at the time that the tractor wheel was cheaper than the green square push button, hence its deployment on the smaller Naim boxes.

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It shows you don’t always get what you pay for. There is just no satisfaction for me pressing that thing

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Those square on/off were well known to go wrong, they either stuck on or off. Four of them on my (six)135’s had to be replaced.

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Well as long as they are placed on the front

Does anyone know how the latest large NAC volume control compares to the Olive?

If you mean looks" wise, I’d prefer the Olive

Yes looks, but also feel. That lovely feeling of a weighted rotary control as you turn it.

Are these knows meant to easily be pulled off?
I took the three off my 72 and 140 yesterday to clean. ( the rubber tyre bit was a bit sticky)
But having given then a through clean and refitted, the knob ( tyre and cap) can be easily pulled off now. Looks like some of the stickiness was keeping the tyre bit stuck to the rest of the knob.

But agree with the feel piece. When turning off my 140, there is a thump with the speakers. I take it a service will fix this?

I think that is usual. Mine continued to happen after the service. Again I quiet like that sound, it just feels so authentic and analogue.

My 140 and my 135’s do this also and is quite normal. It’s the big capacitors draining off its
charge when being switched off.

Sort of guessing that as my 140 does this straight away, there is not much capacity left in the capacitors. No surprise as its never been serviced!

In that case a service might be a very cheap upgrade :slight_smile:

They will hopefully get serviced in Jan. Just need to get them booked in.
As mentioned in another thread, I quite like the sound. Perhaps even a bit bright, plenty of top end. Even when compared to my present pre/power combo. Which surprises me/ I would think that amps that are 20+ years old and have not been serviced would sound dull? But not this pair.

The thud will happen within a second or two.

Mine were 20 years old before I got them serviced, and still sounded pretty good beforehand

I have to say, mine sound good. A service will need to make them sound even better!

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