What happened to "What do you do for a living ?"

I’m pretty sure the title was “What do you do for a living ?” of something similar

Perhaps I just can’t see the thread despite a careful look !

Has is disappeared for some reason ? or do I need to go to SpecSavers ?


Profession, living, job… can’t see it !

Looks like it’s not around at the moment Don, I searched for astronaut which was used a few times and it didn’t come up.



Maybe its Richard using a cryptical way to tell us what he is doing for a living.



…or perhaps the forum has had its synergies leveraged, and that thread has been downsized.


I have found it - the thread title was “Profession- what do you do for a living”. It appears to have been removed by our forum developer. I will try to find out why.


Saves a trip to SpecSavers, thanks Richard.

We can move forward now

That post could terminate THIS thread, HH.

You have a point, IMHO, but…

Envious of the other professions, perhaps? Or maybe head hunting!

Turns out it was removed at the specific request of the threads OP to Naim.

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Hi Richard. This seems very strange. Lots of people provided interesting comments and insights to their professions over the long period it was running. So is it the case that the OP of any thread can ask that it be taken down? That seems unreasonable on those who have contributed along the way. Thanks.

It’s certainly unusual and does require a bit of work to achieve. We would certainly not recommend it - the usual protocol when a member wishes to have their account and data removed is to anonymise all their posts. However, it would seem there were specific circumstances that demanded it. I have requested further clarification.

Quite bizarre - the stuff about Astronauts was a load of nonsense but I found this an enjoyable informative thread - very strange indeed.


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