What has happened to the The Naim App?

It doesn’t seem to be working properly. Normally it opens to a menu with all the options “Favoritea, Albums, Artists, etc” displayed from left to right. Now it jumps to a page that says “Servers” in oversized text and gives me an option to click on “Local Music”. Up comes a menu with many more selections in very oversized icons and text than the former starting menu. Useful ones, such as “Ripping Errors”, “No Album Covers”, along with the familiar ones. But it’s oversized and ugly looking. And then it returns me to the old familiar start page . It feels like a bug. Can anyone offer an explanation?

I’m struggling with it for several reasons. The main one is that the app returns to one or the other main menu every time I leave the app. I want it to remain where I left it. Right now I’m comparing the Naim content with Roon content and I have to go back and forth constantly. It insists upon returning to that main menu and I have to waste a lot of time finding my place again. I wouldn’t mind if it reset itself to the main menu, but only does so after a much lengthier waiting time.

Which Naim app are you referring to? And is this iOS or Android? My (Android) Naim App has never had either of the interfaces you describe. When I launch the app I get a list of naim devices. Once I select one, I get a list of inputs (e.g. Tidal, Upnp, Radio etc.) It’s never jumped straight into a menu with “Favourites, Albums, Artists, etc”.
Or perhaps you are connecting to a particular Naim device and the app does something different when connected to it?
What you are describing sounds like what I would normally when if I drilled down through the app into the Upnp input, in which case it “may” open up on something like “Favourites, Albums etc”. But can open up on a list of Upnp servers if (1) my last connected server had rebooted or wasn’t there or (2) if I had previously moved backwards to the server selection “page”.


You probably need to stop and restart the Naim app. If you don’t know how to do that you can just restart the phone or tablet that it is on.

It’s a Focal and Naim app now, so you may get a page asking you to choose Focal or Naim, so select Naim, and then tap “use existing device”. That should offer you your Core, tap on that and hopefully it will all be back to normal.

It is Local Music you tap by the way. Also you may have to tap an icon saying “More” which should then give you the page you expect.




I have tried shutting down the app without success. However, I’ll need a time out on this topic because access to my Naim data has disappeared, hopefully temporarily (!) because I’ve been doing “things”. I’ve been using both Naim and Roon, but imperfectly because Naim has done something that I really can’t agree with. Innocently, I chose WAV instead of FLAC when I first bought my Uniti Core. After some eixperience with streaming, I realized I wanted more from my streaming experience than the Core could offer me. Mainly, I wanted access to Radio, and also access to Qobuz and/or Tidal. I dutifully bought a Roon Nucleus and transferred my meticulously edited WAV data to Roon.
It was a disaster! Roon recognized very little of my metadata. It was then I discovered that Naim had its own proprietary version of WAV and Roon had no way to process my WAV metadata. I spent countless hours re-editing in Roon, but it was never really right. Then I discovered Song Kong. Paul Taylor, SK’s developer had added a section into SK that converted the Naim WAV into standard WAV. BUT IT STILL WOULDN’T WORK. It turns out that Naim developed a second proprietary version of WAV unique to the Uniti Core! I begged Paul Taylor to put code into SK that would convert this second unique WAV data into standard WAV. And he did! But I’m struggling quite unsuccessfully to use it. Luckily, I hhave a backup!

Roon shows its own metadata which is superimposed on your own metadata.

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