What have I done!

have stupidly connected the input lead from my cdx to the mc phono input of my 32.5; result no control over input or volume, usually my lp12 was connected but having disposed of it the bnc’s were vacant !! any ideas of what I may have destroyed ??

Did you still have the MC boards fitted? If so, it would overload the preamp.

Are you saying that if you connect to any of the line level inputs, you get no volume? Source input selection is manual, so I’m not sure what you mean when you say you find no control there.

yes mc boards are in place, should have plugged into mm connection . I am saying that the input control has no effect it just plays, very distorted, the cd with no volume control at any input.

The mm boards would be wrong too and likely would have given a similar result. NA326 link boards should have been fitted to use one of the phono inputs with a line level source.

It sounds like you’ve blown something and the Preamp will need some service attention.

thanks, will send it off as soon as things are back to ‘normal’ after the new year . bon annee

Might be worth pulling the phono boards as you don’t use them and if you are very lucky it will be something on them you have blown which is acting as a drag on the rest.

If it works ok without the phono boards in then you can just send those boards back to Naim rather than the whole preamp.



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