What interconnect is this?

Appears to be a standard grey source to pre interconnect - 180 5 pin with a green assembly number strap NA-03. But the plugs are neither locking ring nor latch type. An early one?

I wonder if the locking rings have been removed. Some people do this as a DIY mod. as there is a recommendation that it’s best to leave the rings loose.

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The seller only mentions no locking rings and does not explain that he has removed them as a modification. It also doesn’t look like a pukka Naim interconnect.

I would stay well clear.

It’s just a standard Naim interconnect but with the locking rings removed. I’d buy it happily if I needed one and it wasn’t already sold.

Yes, I think that’s exactly what it is, I didn’t realise the rings are removable. I’ve already bought it and it sounds just fine. Didn’t think it wasn’t a genuine Naim product as I can’t see anyone going to the trouble of faking the green band.

It’s genuine. It will be fine and it looks like you have a bargain.

Yes, when I spotted the band identifying the employee who assembled it, I realised it was genuine.

I have only ever seen the versions with the locking rings before.


I was a bit dubious given that the first photo seemed to be of a black or dark grey cable, very different to the light grey in the other two photos. Still, if you have it, and it works well, no problem.

It was mine.

Perfectly authentic and rings removed in a fit of enthusiasm. Had explained in a previous auction but was in a rush to take advantage of a £1 fee offer.


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