What is a network switch and will I gain anything?

The Cisco connecting both Core and NDX2 will be fine with just ethernet cables. Connecting the Core and NDX2 with Spdif is possible, but you lose album covers on the NDX2 screen, and you play music by accessing the music from the Naim/Core App. With ethernet connection you use the Naim app/NDX2 and pull the music over with artwork.


Thanks to Gazza and @Mike-B - all clear now. And Gazza’s post explains why with Core and Muso on WiFi I have to pull rips from the Core via the Muso in the app and that ‘play’ in the Core does nothing, which was puzzling me.

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The Core needs a network connection in any case or it won’t work, so you might as well use this to allow it to serve music to the streamer. Therefore no need for a direct digital connection.
This also gives you greater flexibility to locate non-HiFi stuff away from the HiFi rack. As long as they have a network connection servers can be located anywhere, maybe in a cupboard somewhere where they don’t clutter the room. It’s good practice to put anything electrical that doesn’t need to be on the rack some distance away. That includes routers, switches, servers, TVs, Sky boxes, etc. So you may not need a switch close to the HiFi at all, just a single Ethernet cable to the streamer.

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Ok, thanks - I had been thinking that it might be desirable to connect the Core and streamer directly but that’s not the case so I could think differently about the Core as you suggest.

I did try the direct connection for a little while and almost convinced myself it sounded better. But in the end it was a small difference (if any) and no artwork on the screen.

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In my case the network switch - even when updated from one audiophile switch to another - had a massive impact on the sound!
See it similar to a box upgrade.


The difference between ‘highly resolving’ and ‘flaky’ is a question of perspective…

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I hope this link will be allowed due to its relevence to the topic at hand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FFTdt51kzA


I tried various switches suggested on here, but in the end I simply went back to WiFi. Your system may give different results and an appreciable uplift in sound with a switch. Mine didn’t.

My advice - don’t discount the obvious solution.


I’m currently using the network for streaming via Ethernet and WiFi for everything else. Periodically my WiFi vanishes and I have to reboot the router. Will a switch increase stability of WiFi? I am not concerned about streaming SQ.

A switch won’t stabilise wifi persay, its not a wifi device. However if you have a mesh system of wifi points, the best way to connect these is with ethernet connections often back to switches for convenience, rather than over the wifi signal itself.

I added an EE8 switch between my BT Smart Hub 2 and my Melco N100. The result was a noticeable improvement in the music, with it becoming more engaging. Not a night and day difference, but a worthwhile one. And no music is streamed via the network (other than to two Muso QBII’s) - the Melco being connected to the router mainly for wireless control purposes.

Like many things I suspect it’s very system dependent. Was it worth £500 of my money? I really don’t know - but I would rather have it than not.

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@garyi i don’t have a mesh wifi system. WiFi is hard wired from the ONT to the router. Streaming is hard wired from the streamer to the same router.

You could either upgrade your router or add a wireless access point to one of the ports on your existing router. If you do this, turn off WiFi on the router and use the access point for all your WiFi devices.

@Heckyman we have Verizon Fios (USA) which provides our TV service. We need to use their router.

Then contact their support regarding the WiFi issues.

I am one of those who replaced my old (Netgear) switch for a Cisco 2960C switch. In fact I now have 2 in my network, and they are very good switches and available at relatively low cost on Ebay.

However, I ‘upgraded’ to the Ciscos primarily because I needed additional ports (my Netgear switches only had 4 ports), but additionally out of interest to see if they impacted sound quality in any (positive) way. I still have the Cisco switches in my network and am very happy with them, but I have to report that I did not notice any change whatsoever in sound quality in either of my streaming systems (see my profile for details of them) when I made the change.

I have never been tempted to investigate or try out more expensive ‘audiophile’ options.

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