What is it with DAB radio?

I took a journey from East Yorkshire recently to Kidderminster, listening as you do to one or two fave radio stations on DAB, including BBC 2 & 4 only to discover drop outs and/or no continuity at all on various parts of the journey, having to switch to FM to get said continuity on such as the BBC. I don’t recall this is how we were ‘sold’ DAB other than sound quality of course. Is this the result of some companies cramming as many channels into a single bandwidth as possible, or is there something else afoot?

I have found coverage to be poor even when travelling over 25 miles from home on the south coast of the UK. Not convinced sound quality is as good or better.

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No, I’m with you on the sound quality not being better, but can’t see how the whole set up is ever going to be better if we have to go back to FM to get a decent service, bearing in mind FM is eventually going to he switched off. Methinks we have maybe been sold a lemon so to speak!

Yes DAB is the best thing since sliced bread, but I think its better with the name reversed … BAD.

Reception in cars supposed to be seamless, linking into each cell as the journy progresses.
IME it works in places, but is serious lacking in others, motoways, main trunk roads are generally OK, but hills are not good, mind you hills are not that good with any radio including FM.

As for SQ, FM every day

I have a feeling FM may outlive DAB, any bets on a 5G radio service ??