What is my best upgrade


I am hoping for some advice regarding the next upgrade / new piece of equipment.

Currently I have:

Naim - xs2 amplifier
Blue sound node 2 as streamer
Rega p1
Rega phone stage
Klipsch rp-15m

For some context, I probably stream more than use records, just because lifestyle doesn’t really suit records right now. And I tried some pro - AC tablet’s which I wasn’t blown away with when integrated with the current set up. Dealer said get a better streamer and / or turntable.

Edit-sorry I am limited in speaker choice as close ish to walls and can’t be floor standing

I was thinking used nd5 xs2…?

Wishing all members a merry Christmas and happy new year :-).

If streaming is your priority, the ND5XS2 would be a perfect match with your Nait XS2. After that, better speakers would be a good idea. In my view the ProAcs are superb speakers, but they really benefit from top notch electronics and really good stands, so perhaps it’s not surprising that you were underwhelmed.


Source ( and cables from). You’ll not go far wrong either that.
Nd5xs2 is a great source. For ,the same money gets you a P6 and a good phono stage too.
Speakers last.

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Ok, two answers pointing to the same. Thank you.

+1 for Nd5xs2


Agree, ND5 XS2.


Upgrade your digital source. Your Nait XS2 will reveal the benefits of a better source; definitely! ND5XS2 is a great choice. So is a used NDX, but you need to be ok with its lack of direct integration with Qobuz and Roon (there are work-arounds for each).

I only use tidal as a steaming platform.

Is that native with the NDX because it’s about 800 quid cheaper used than the nd5 xs2?

Either way, just need one to come available on a well known auction site. Seem to have dried up!

Yes, the NDX and the original ND5XS have native Tidal support. On the other hand, although Naim have recently developed a firmware update to keep these old streamers working with Tidal you should be aware that the streaming board is a very old design, and the warranty will have expired. So I would think carefully about sinking your cash into one now.

I’d definitely go for the ND5 XS2. Good luck!

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+1 for ND5XS2

+1 image

+1 ND5XS2
I would also look at getting a dedicated Roon device, probably a NUC would be a good way forward. The ND5XS2 supports DSD, which will blow you away. dBpoweramp will now rip a CD to DSD formats, Roon will do it on the fly, although in my experience the ripped DSD copy sounds better than the “on the fly” version, perhaps my NUC isn’t powerful enough?

The suggestion of the ND5 XS 2 is a very good one indeed. I would also factor in some NEAT Motive SX3s with NAC A5 cables, which are a match made in heaven for your NAIT XS 2.

ND5XS2 is a good choice, but just to provide an alternative, an nDAC also matches the XS series visually and could be used with your Bluesound. Availability would depend on your local market, but it’s still a really fine sounding piece of gear.



+1 for the nDAC if you can find one where you are.

I’ve had the ND5XS2 and wouldn’t say its DAC is that good/well implemented, while with the nDAC you are getting at, or many say slightly above NDX2 (which I’ve also had and the difference the DAC makes there is substantial). You have the streamer already and it also gives you more flexibility in the future with new streaming platforms as they come along.

you could then even give the Proacs another chance!:slight_smile:

Thanks, will keep an eye ndac as well then. Although they seem to be harder to find than a used nd5 xs2!

I have found an nDac and think I will pursue this route, but I just have one worry which is the age of the unit? It’s 2010, and comes with a 6 month guarantee. Is there anything to worry about here?

For the saving in choosing the Ndac I can also buy a wireworld matrix 2 as I am currently using a switched extension lead with surge protection and have read that is a no no!

@skaboy607 You should get the latest firmware upgrade for the DAC, then you should try some DSD64, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. DSD64 was the same encoding used for SACD, however, you will either have to download DSD files, which can be LARGE in size, or use Roon to convert the FLAC/WAV files to DSD.

If anything went wrong with the
Ndac a repair is £550. Service would also be the same cost.