What is playing?

When I get close to my Atom, the screen lights up and I get to see what’s playing at that moment. How can I achieve that with the remote control from my couch?

Throw the remote just infront of the sensor.


Employ a young child to stand just in front of it.

Haven’t you seen the TV adverts, “always keep away from children”?

You presumably have the display set to turn off during playback? If you disable this the display will stay on so you will see artwork all the time.

That is indeed the case because I find it unnecessary and even annoying that the display is on all the time. Only occasionally when a new song starts I would like to know the title and performer from a distance. And I hoped that this could also be done with the remote control. Strange that this is apparently only possible when you are close to the device. You don’t normally listen from there.

If the display is set to stay off during playback, you can temporarily display the album artwork/current song by pressing the button to the right of the home button on the remote (the button with the little musical note and three horizontal lines)… One press for the album artwork… a second press for the current song.

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