What is the better upgrade?

hi !
i have a NAC282 with a hicap dr and NAP200.
what would you recon would be the better next upgrade:
a 2nd hicap dr for the 282 or
trade the nap200 to a nap250 ?
thank you for your thoughts !!

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I have a 282 with two hicap drs and a 250dr. In your position I would go 250dr, no question

well it would be the source…


In my case, driving Allaes, a 250.2 (non DR) only made sense over my 200 when I got to the level of two Hi-Caps with my 282. I had both amps at the time and could go back and forth. Sources were CDS-3 and SME10A. In hindsight, knowing what I learned by the experience, I would not do a second HiCap on the 282. Instead, I would just save for a Supercap which was just brilliant.

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Some years ago I compared NAP200DR and NAP250DR side by side fronted by a Nait XS + HiCapDR driving small bookshelf speakers.
The 250DR had more of everything, this was really obvious, it took only a moment to hear that these are two different beasts.

282 + HiCapDR + 250DR is a really enjoyable system, well balanced, great fun

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I had a similar system to yours, but the olive equivalent. I had CD3.5/FC, 82/HC/180. Also a middling LP12 as the main source.

I upgraded the Hicap to a Supercap. I reused the Hicap as an upgrade to the CD player, though it was perhaps a relatively modest improvement over the Flatcap.

It allowed me to subsequently upgrade to a 52. I then finally went for a 250. I then put the original system back together as a second system with CD as I worked away from home.

So I am with ClayB with suggesting a Supercap, but I doubt that you will be disappointed with any of your options.

I would look at 250DR first and then look at SC for the 282 if budget also in time

in my experience the SC took my 282 on to another level

Ndx2 to replace cd5xs/ Flatcap…
If not, 250 dr on second choice.

Go source first if you can. The second hicap will make a good upgrade but would advise jumping to Supercap instead having gone through the upgrades with Olive system myself and then buying a Supercap 2.

Where do you want to end up is a critical question?

A 250 or 300 will give you more power. Will your speakers be right for the upgrade in power?

In my experience once you upgrade one component it can reveal weaknesses in the rest of the system.

A CDX2 with or without XPS or CDS2 or 3 with XPS may offer you more improvements than a 250.

Lots to consider. Good luck and enjoy the journey!


“I have a NAC 282 with a HCDR and NAP 200.”

With this being a Naim forum, I suspect most would say a 250 DR would bring more to the PARTY.

But what if your room is small, what if your acoustic environment is thin hard and lean, what if etc…

I couldn’t agree with Dan any more.
He is point on:

Source, Balance, and where do you want to end up!

Source ~ ?

Based on your ears in your environment.


Stay safe and enjoy your Music!
The Why!



hi everyone,thank you very much for all your input and suggestions.
very interesting and great feedback to my question.

regarding your questions:

Source ~ technics sl 12000GAE with lyra delos
phono Amp - lehmann decade
Amp ( 282 hicapdr /200)
Speakers— tannoy, tunberry gr

where shall it end … good question :slight_smile:
at the moment from all i am reading here, the next upgrade is either 250DR or i trade the hicapdr to a scdr …

thank you !!

I would specially recommend you to test before at home, because most people use Tannoy T gr with Air Tight, Jadis, Mastersound, Leben…tube amps.
Not sure the 250 dr is optimal.
Most people here in the forum use Naim, Proac, Pmc, Dynaudio…speakers, which need more current to open.
Some easy load speakers can sound hard with too powerful solid state amps.
Ear yoshino work very well with Naim and Tannoy.

thank you very much ! yes, i know, tannoy and tube amps are a classic combination. in a jazz bar in tokio they had a canterbury tube set up. magical.
but i fond the turnberry in my naim setup also already very nice, smooth and elegant.
wit a 250dr or a SC i was hoping to become them just a bit more precise and “clear” if you so want.
i am not listening very loud, it is more the “grip”, already at a silent listening that i like to enhance.
for sure, i will test at home before i buy.
thank you !!
best v.

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hi everyone,
again, thank you for all your suggestions and infos! after checking several routes, it is source first. it’s a supercap dr !
great update, completely new experience!
much more stability, control, detail. simply a different sound as before. live it ! best and thank you again !


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