What is the one hi-fi thing you regret selling?



Another thread needed: what do you regret not buying!


Well there are several things but my lovely Ruark Sabre speakers, given to someone who blew them up.

A Naim DAC V1 to connect to the BluRay and TV .

My first pair of Allae’s after 13 years of ownership.
After a couple of months I really did miss them 18 months later I purchased another pair.

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My very early Mk1 Rega Ela speakers. I regretted so much that since then I have not sold a single piece of hifi.

I managed to source a replacement pair recently to make a second system. Phew!

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My JR149’s. Terrific speaker for its size and cost.

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audio innovations 500, sold twice, bought three times.

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uh, and the nait 2 that i bought back and is playing right now

Argh …

Regret my SME 20/2a.

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My stupid pair of Martin Logan Quest Zs. My wife made me do it about 10 years ago and I still miss those #@&)!! speakers. Now they’re part of my psychological warfare arsenal.

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my mint, unmarked and one owner from new Kans, they went to America and the buyer politely declined my offer to include the stands which were part of the sale :o(

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Nait 2, even though I did get more than I paid for it. It would probably cost me another £300+ again to replace it.

Maple, Box Furniture, 4 shelf rack.

My 52. It was an early one and came with a really scruffy grey burndy. I wanted a unity gain input which it didn’t have. The dealer quoted £300 iirc, but it turned out that the amp would need a total rebuild to accommodate that. Naim, or the dealer, I can’t remember which, agreed to do this for the price quoted. So, I ended up with a final spec 52, factory serviced, and sounding great, for peanuts. Added a black burndy and when I sold it on eBay got less than £1k (about half the cost of purchase plus rebuild plus service plus burndy). Gutted.

My Onix OA21 with soap power supply

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My 52 and the 135s.
Also my Nait 1.


2 things, Nakamichi 700ZXL and Michel Gyrodec, both top pieces of kit

My beautiful immaculate cherry SBLs which I think went to HH (tho’ I may be wrong). Whoever, they didn’t keep them long and moved them on. Now every time I see a pair of scruffy cherry SBLs on that auction site I wonder if they are mine fallen on hard times…

If I had known the impact of replacing my 250 with 2 x 135s I would certainly have kept them but I had already committed to the sale by the time the 135s arrived in preparation for the totems.

c’est la vie…