What is your experience with shuffling Spotify playlists in these two scenarios?

A) Spotify Connect: whenever I shuffle a playlist, using Unity Atom as a target device, it chooses a song at random, but after the song finishes, Spotify just continues to play in the order as in the playlist, in a non-shuffled mode. I also found out that even if I enable the shuffle (button or in menu), it always reverts to a non-shuffle mode in a few seconds. This applies to iPhone/iPad/Windows client.

I have done some Google research and I have also come across several discussions about the following:

B) Shuffling a playlist with a lot of songs: the shuffle algorithm seems to be limited and there is not a random play for all songs, but only for a particular sub-set. I have not reproduced this yet, as I am enough concerned about the Spotify Connect behaviour, which already limits me enough. This seems to be a long-term issue that has not been solved for years (at least for some of the posters).

Despite some hints to re-install, clearing cache or other procedures, I tend to think these wouldn’t be real resolutions, but there is poor algorithm/bug or even functional intention the software to behave so.

What is your experience and if you had the same issues, did you manage to solve them?

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