What music for your Tablette 10?

Just thought I would set a new topic rather than add to the existing “Show us your Tablette”.
I am intrigued by the type of music Tablette 10 usersmay play through them. As expressed elsewhere I think they are a tad bass shy, obvious because of the size, but I am just interested whether music played is rock, folk, jazz acoustic based or whatever.

Whatever takes my fancy. I don’t find my eclectic taste limited in any way by the Tabs.

They simply call me to play more music.


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Eclectic mix as its what mood in in. But I do play a lot of indie rock, folk, classical , jazz, funk and soul, electronic, classic pop.

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mine like anything I choose, they are quite revealing and do show up a poor recording.
If there’s bass on the record it will reveal it, to a degree. I’m thinking of trying a sub but most times I’m quite happy as they are. My tastes in no particular order, jazz, rock,soul,funk, fusion, pop, mostly.

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