What pants are you wearing?

I have a family member who run a men’s underwear store in downtown Portland Oregon. Kind of a first for men’s underwear and all sorts of other man stuff for sale. A boutique place for all your manly needs and other stuff you never imagined you needed.
Absolutely nothing like this in Blighty within the high streets, but.Yes you can always order online if you know what you want !
Did you know there are pants with patented “ball control” Saxx Ballpark pouch.
You wouldn’t get that from Marks & Spencer’s.


Is nothing sacred?

I thought the word ‘pants’ in USA meant trousers, and in UK now means something is rubbish… Knickers is a less ambiguous word!

As for what I wear, I never consider brand names, just buy something and if it is comfortable, buy more.

Yesterday’s ones.


Over or under your trousers, and inside out or back to front!

As long as it’s 100% cotton…

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I hope you mean bamboo fibre, bamboo would be…

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Uncomfortable? Indeed!

None :hugs:

This thread is Pants (IMHO)
It’s dreadful.
Whoever started it must have some balls !

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These are my pants inside out. Don’t worry they are box fresh and haven’t been worn yet.
Just wanted to show them off.
Incredibly comfortable.

Saturday pants

What about boxer shorts?

Donald Duck has none.

One of my annoyances with underwear from most manufacturers is that you find a brand that suits you well and would be happy with indefinitely, then out of the blue they change the design slightly so sizing/comfort is no longer what it used to be.

Years ago, some M&S suited me quite well, then moved for many years to Ralph Lauren trunks.

The Ralph Lauren trunks suddenly became inferior a few years ago with loss of a small gussett like panel in the crotch area, which I think relieved stresses when moving - the newer versions constantly seem to tear in this region.

Switched to Bjorn Borg trunks which were great until another redesign now these are too large, legs too long, waistband too thick and a propensity to rip in the crotch.

Perhaps the solution is simply to go commando…

I’m on the lookout for a pair of polyester pants to go with my polyester shirts.

Although to honests my priority is a pair with plenty of Victor Sylvester.

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Looks like they’d caress and support beautifully Tobyjug,:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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