What play at the theatre have you seen recently?

I think so as long as it’s not a commercial link

They have cushions - the comfort limitation is lack of seat backs

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Exactly , they are like ramrods , I always aim for an aisle seat and can rest a little easier .

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A few weeks back I went with my daughter to see Life of Pi at the Wyndham Theatre in London. We both really enjoyed it and thought the way the animals were brought to life by the puppets and puppeteers was fabulous. I read the other day that the puppeteers themselves are eligible for supporting actor awards, which would be justly deserved.

As in the puppeteers are supporting the puppets ?

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For me it’s my butt that can get sore. I recall that vividly from the first production I attended there.

I would call this a commercial link. It’s not YouTube. But it’s easy to find with Google.

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