What releases are you looking forward to



Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Sacred Dream

Releasing on April 22nd available on bandcamp for pre-order: Digital download £6.99, CD £10.99, Vinyl (special ltd. edition black and yellow) sold out.


15th of February…


15th of February


1st of February…


Wilhelm Furtwängler: The Radio Recordings 1939-1945
I might hold out for a vinyl release. :sunglasses:
Wartime Furty is very different from the post war Vienna Phil performances. Berliner taut they’ve to the original tape back from Russia but it does not say if they used a copy or the real original for remaster. They are recording for a radio broadcast so not sure of the fidelity.
What’s fascinating for me tho, Edwin Fischer playing Beethoven and Brahms piano concertos. Also Gieseking playing Schumann’s Piano Concerto.


Vinyl release of Curtis Mayfields Superfly on Mofi 45rpm, just out:


Gotta wait for payday to order!


@TheKevster - my copy is on preorder heard them talking and playing tracks today on radio 6. Sounds like a goodun. :sunglasses:


15th of March also pre-ordered at Qobuz immediately given the low price for 11 hours…

![i![image|500x500](upload://tOyQW5ZQswtcrgslpFPdwaVwPaA.jpeg) https://static.qobuz.com/images/covers/ab/iw/zlj6p5zbjiwab_600.jpg
Also 15th of March


Also 15th of March Guardian of the Machine by Seamus Blake…



I hate some of this issues with publishing which force you to combine stuff and then you by accident move one carachter and te post is missing. So this one belonged to the above one. Really looking forward to this one on the 15th



End of March…


Beginning of March - very much looking forward to this. Hope to also see her live in the future.


Just seen Hell Freezes over is back on vinyl release date March, please save me a copy!


It’s thought that Sade will finally release a new album in 2019. Certainly on my list to buy.





Chaka Khan - Hello Happiness. Release Date: 15 Feb 2019


Due for release 1st March…


A big one coming for the 29th of March, let’s see what it includes


15th of March, looking forward to this…


Remember to add the name of the album in text so that the partially sighted don’t feel left out.