What releases are you looking forward to

Another Tone Poet on it’s way Kenny Burrells self titled LP with cover illustration by Andy Warhol recorded and remastered in mono featuring Paul Chambers, Oscar Petiford and Sam Jones really looking forward to this.


Have I missed a Bandcamp email? :dizzy_face:
Inbox search brings up zilch…I’ll visit the site.

I have received bandcamp emails. Maybe in your spam folder? Have you unsubscribed?

Got it :+1:


The new Sade album.

She is currently recording at Bradd Pitts relaunched Miraval Studios.


‘Revolver’ box set - out a fortnight today


Funny how it’s still relevant with what’s going on in the UK now.


@Dreadatthecontrols you might be interested in this, excellent cover design too!

Monty Alexander The Montreux Years
21 October 2022

Track Listing / Description
A1 The Serpent (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 1995)
A2 The Work Song (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 2016)
A3 Hurricane Come and Gone (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 2016)
B1 District Blues (Night Mist Blues) (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 2014)
B2 Linstead Market (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 1993)
B3 Crying (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 1995)
C1 No Woman No Cry / Get Up Stand Up (Medley) (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 2014)
C2 Renewal (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 1993)
D1 Pawnbroker (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 1993)
D2 A Nod to Bob (Live - Montreux Jazz Festival 1995)


Thanks Geoff will check that out. It looks like a compilation, I have the MPS 1977 LP Live At Montreux, only one track from that (Work Song) is on this new one.
edit: I see on this one Work Song is from 2016 so a different performance
And thanks for thinking of me


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Hi @Dreadatthecontrols I have the original MPS CD which does sound very good and I understand the LP was highly regarded, so very interested in the new tracks myself. :+1:


Likewise, my MPS LP is the Speakers Corner mastering :+1:

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I’m assuming a post from you last night was deleted. :smirk:

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I dont know what your referring to Pete

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I was scratching my head but I think you mean my Moody Blues quip, yes Richard took it down

No biggie it’s just I got an email and couldn’t find your post. Think the name dropping got you deleted, so I did get the drift. :+1:

The LP was used as demo disc when I visited Linn factory. You felt as though you were in the piano!
Got an Ex copy on discogs after that.


“Revolver” Remix Unboxing! Michael Fremer now has his paws on an early promo release and unboxes on his new Tracking Angle YT video, and gets his media formats confused! It’s a CD Michael! …

Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 08.17.41


Where the f*cks the vinyl? :joy:
Is there a separate vinyl edition, if not theres going to be some dissapointed members on the vinyl thread.

For someone who is very knowledgeable and passionate about vinyl I did wince at how Mikey stuffed that Jap pressing back into the sleeve

Yes, there’s a couple of vinyl issues. A deluxe four vinyl box set similar to the CD version, in the rather nice slip case and lavish book; plus a single LP version.

Yes, it was funny, Mikey Vinyl Chops was a little confused as to where the record was. Wonder if supplying the CD version is payback for his scathing review of the recent vinyl reissue of George Harrison’s box set of All Things Must Pass :slight_smile: