What replaced Chord Chyrsalis / Naim Lavender?

Hi guys,
While I’m slowing re(building) a Naim system, I’m looking for the equivalent sonic interconnects in XLR to the Chord/Naim Chrysalis gray/lavender DIN cable?

I’m currently using my Krell S-300i with NACA5 cable and it sounds really good. I’m using it with an Oppo BDP-95 via XLR and I’m looking for the equivalent Naim XLR interconnects to the gray/lavender DIN.

My CD5i-2 is in delayed repair status at Focal-Naim in Canada due to covid, and, they are waiting for a part from Naim UK. So it’s gonna be awhile until I see her again. Does anyone know the status of things in the UK? Are businesses still closed?

Anyway, hope everyone is well.

Naim lavender is till here. It comes in the box with new kit and is still for sale.

Chrysalis is also sort of still with us. It became what is now Chord Shawline.

The Naim lavender and Chord Chrysalis cables still very much have a place in my systems - very hard to beat in the context of a Naim system, especially for analogue connections. I have tried lots of alternatives over the years but keep coming back to them.


Hi Richard,
I totally understand and agree with you. The Krell is likely temporary until I get my cdp back and pick up another XS integrated. When I compared my other speaker cables (Mogami, Audioquest, MIT) to the NACA5, the differences were so apparent—even on the Krell. It just sounded “better.”

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