What runs warm?

Like a lot of people here, my naim equipment is rarely switched off.The ndx2 is the newest naim purchase and I’ve added a Rega aura (still waiting to hear it -another story).Anyway while countlessly re-arranging while awaiting the return of my lp-12, I’ve noticed that those two pieces are the only pieces warm to the touch. Nothing else. Does the ndx-2 normally run warm? I guess is mainly what I’m asking. thnx


Digital gear will run warmer with all that processing and if you have server mode on then it stays warm in standby … my nd5xs2 is warmer than sn2 but not by much…

I was going to say, digital gear. My Unitiqute runs quite warm and my V1 warmish. My Sonore streamer in its small case can be quite warm to hot which is why I have a small fan running on it. My Naim CB amps usually cold no matter how long or hard I push them. Nothing to worry about.

Quite normal with the NDX2 - lots of processing going on ( like a computer) and the casework acts as like a heatsink.

Do Naim still recommend their equipment is never switched off? Do the environmentalists know?

Everyone should be concerned about the environment and it’s not a joke. It’s very easy to switch to 100% renewable energy, which means you can enjoy your Naim sound while minimising your environmental impact. A lot of energy companies sell ‘green’ tariffs that are anything but, however if you do your research you can easily find a genuine green provider.


thnx everyone for your replies, as my naim equipment has all been trouble free (I probably shouldn’t say that out loud) I wasn’t too concerned , but a wee bit worried, as I would have thought with no moving parts, etc. the ndx2 would be the least likely to run warm but I understand now and much relieved.

And what pray tell, are the ‘moving parts’ in other Naim gear (other than their speakers)??

When not in use, my Atom is in standby mode, mostly deep sleep since I usually start it up from the front panel rather than the app. Not sure how much difference this makes.

in the main system, I put the streamer/pre in standby when not in use. This keeps it above room temperature but not that warm. However the fins on the power amplifier packs on my active ATC speakers do get very warm and I usually switch them off when not listening, turning them on about ½ hour before a serious listening session. This is as per ATC’s recommendation.

I measured my NDX2 the other day. It was between 78-80° F. This is in the standby state. This is being powered from XPS-DR.

My CDS3 has a number of those


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ever hear of a CD player?
pray tell
and thank you SO MUCH for your reply

Sorry, it’s been awhile! I stand corrected.

Naim Aro, anyone? :star_struck:

My Nova is running pretty cool. Measurements are based on peak temperature recorded on the face, sides and back of unit. ie, did not measure the base of unit. Standby (30m) is taken 30mins after going into standby.

             Celsius (°C)  Fahrenheit (°F)
Room temp       20             68
Standby         21.5           70.7
Running         29.2           84.6
Standby (30m)   24.2           75.6
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Please take the above measurements with a large grain of salt. After several measurements, the average difference between running and standby is about 8.3°C (46.9°F) and greatest when the ambient temperature is highest. With room temperature at approx. 22.6°C (72.7°F), running temperature reached 33.6°C (92.5°F).

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