What’s going on ...?

Apologies if this has already been explained on other threads. I could not find anything.
I’m trying out tidal, I use Roon with Squuezelite (which has identified a number of end points, of which I use a series of Unitiqutes) and with a Sonore Bridge (set up for my NDS).

Tidal, in her wisdom, selects music with MQA embedded, if that’s the word, when I start iRadio. Could someone please explain a few things for me.

  1. Why can I play some MQA through the ‘Qutes and not others?
  2. Of course, the NDS feed behaves normally.
  3. I can’t use multiroom with MQA files.
  4. Is there something I can set up in Roon to improve the MQA experience?
  5. Does bit depth conversions make any difference to MQA playback and SQ?

In Roon under MQA Capabilities what is your setting?

Mine is set to ‘No MQA Support’ and Roon then seems to take care of everything.

Regardless of MQA you can’t multiroom HD music on the old streamers. So maybe the files that won’t multiroom are HD?



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That’s helpful. Thanks. I’ve turned it off (device setup, advanced).
I’ve also turned off Flac compression.

I suspect David’s explanation is correct, the streamer can’t multiroom hi-res music. It would have saved people a fair amount of head scratching over the years if you got a message on the screen explaining this, rather than just silence!


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