What’s happening here?

Well, I’ve recently changed my speakers and spent a couple of weeks running them in and for the last week or so everything has been fab. Listening to music this morning everything was good, but in the afternoon there seemed to be a gradual deterioration, the sound becoming thin and harsh. I’d experienced this during run in so at first thought maybe the speakers were having an off moment.

I use Qobuz via Roon so thought I’d try something directly from the Nova’s USB, but it was more or less the same. I then tried JB Radio 2, that sounded great as expected. So then I tried Qobuz via the Qobuz app, it sounded great. I went back to Roon, it sounded thin and quite unpleasant. Back to the Qobuz app, all OK.

If it wasn’t for USB sounding gruff, I could have focussed on Roon to see why it had changed so dramatically. I’m expecting it to all be back on song tomorrow, but anyone any thoughts as to what might be going on?

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Have you tried it via UPnP and seen of its the same? I have found my Atom a temperamental thing some days it’s better than others and a full power off/on rectifies it.

Thanks, I have Bubble on an Android app, so next time it happens I’ll include it in the comparison.

I think my newish dishwasher effects mine:( Never sounds as good when it’s running.

Thing is, for me it was USB and Roon NOK, and Qobuz app OK. Confusing…

All sounding great earlier this evening… hope it stays that way.

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