What’s in box NDS

Hi all, i have the opportunity for an NDS, someone knows the list of accessories provided, i would like to be sure i have everything. Thanks

Here you go…

NDS - DIN5 interconnect, Link plug, BNC to RCA adaptor, Wi-Fi Antenna, Uniti Remote, Burndy leads (only if specified)


He will also need a suitable power supply. I’m not sure from his profile that he has something suitable or not. Step up from Ndac to NDS is fully recommended from personal experience :+1:


Thanks, i would have thought that Naim would go to hi-line with the nds….

I forgot to specify that I live in North America, can that change anything?

Thanks for the warning, last year i bought an old XPS 2 (2003) it should do.
Thank you also for sharing your experience from the ndac to the nds, it confirms to me that it is a good choice.

You would get a US type mains lead and the unit would be 115V for North America.

Older models of the XPS cannot be used to power an NDS. I’m pretty sure yours is OK if it was built in 2003, but only just. Check the serial number to be sure.
Also check the service history of a PSU of that age. It could be well overdue for a recap if it hasn’t been done yet.

Personally I would not regard the NDS as an upgrade over the NDAC with the same PSU. I wouldn’t say either was better or worse than the other, just different. You may prefer the NDS, or you may prefer the NDAC powered by the XPS.

You should also be aware of the limitations of the NDS, or any Naim streamer of that generation, compared to more modern alternatives. Unless you are happy to tinker with workaround solutions there is limited support for online streaming services, poor WiFi performance, no AirPlay etc. It may still be a good choice for you, but that will depend on how you intend to use it.

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From the NDS manual:-

I switched from an ndac/555ps to nds/555ps and difference was very noticeable. I stream indirectly through a LPS modified PC into the BNC, it sounds better that way than UPNP to my ears. Also benefits from the PC upsampling at the same time.

I’m ok, XPS serial number 200xxx
My first idea is to upgrade my ND5-XS by NDX to feed nDAC/XPS 2, i thought i made a better choice by changing the two by an NDS….?
I stream in UPNP, my dealer advised me to change my router, add a switch box and change for better ethernet cables……the result is vert impressive.
But i’m not sure what an LPS modified PC is?

LPS = linear power supplies. All commercial PC’s use SMPS power supplies which are very noisy but very efficient which is not good for music playback. Although my PC is home built you can buy PC’s from specialists who make them specifically for music playback usually with stripped down operating systems and minimal interfaces, preferably running headless ie no screen. You then control them via an app.

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You have aroused my curiosity, i will find out about it. Can i ask you about what you use to play music and control the computer?

The PC itself is running Foobar with its UPNP server add on. In my case Foobar is using WASAPI to send output bit perfect to an old ESI Julia soundcard linked to the BNC input of my NDS. BubbleUPNP then controls it from a cheap tablet. There are lots of variations on this using Linux or versions of Windows.

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thank you very much, your help was much appreciated. :smiley:

Transport bolts are by far the most crucial accessory you’d like your second-hand NDS to be equipped with.

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Hi, sounds like your XPS will be OK, but do you know its service history? An old unserviced power supply can make the player sound worse instead of better, so you should check this out before you use it.
If you are going to use a Naim streamer as a digital transport into the NDAC, I suspect you will find your existing ND5 as good as an NDX as the streaming board is the same. Can you get your dealer to let you demo this against the NDS using the same PSU? You may well prefer the NDS, but my preference is for the NDAC. You cannot reliably use other peoples recommendations on a forum to determine what sounds better to you.

Finally I would strongly recommend that you get the fundamentals of your system right before you start messing about with audiophile grade switches, cables etc. what works with one system may not work well with another so you could end up wasting a lot of cash on these accessories.

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And make sure to remove them with the NDS the right way up!

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Unfortunately i can’t try the NDS, it’s at a dealer in another city, but i replaced my ND5 with an NDX that my dealer lent me as transport for my nDAC and I found the sound better. …
I do not know if the electronics of the two devices is similar but the result does not have it??
NDX best…🤷🏼
If i replace my XPS with an XPS DR?
Good move?

I will be very careful not to turn the device over while removing the screws

I would take the NDS blind… pure magic in sound. My experience is in the favour of DR. Spent an evening session on replacing 250.2 with 250DR in my system back and forth several times, and DR was a clear winner. More “hi-fi” to my ears. I would definitely favour XPS DR over XPS. Would not expect day-and-night change, but a clear winning edge of DR :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your experience, you convinced me, I’m waiting for my NDS…it’s on the way, then I’m looking for an XPS DR.:metal:t3: