What’s in box NDS

Did you own an nDAC and/or an NDS?

Did you ever compare them in the same system?


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I own a nDAC and i feeding it with a ND5, NDS it’s on the way, i will be able to compare the two, the next step will be to change my psu


Thanks - that will be interesting.

Hi Jim, i received NDS yesterday, it is now warm and ready for testing, first as dac, the sound is softer……calm compared to the nDAC whose sound is more energetic more projected towards the listener and a little more accentuated in the treble.
But normally when the sound is softer it is because it is more accurate.
The NDS is better but it’s not night and day, maybe with a better psu it would be more meaningful.
Later I used the NDS as a transport and dac…wow!!!..i like it.


Hi Chris, you were right, NDS and NDAC are different when used as a dac, NDS more precise but NDAC more lively, maybe I would have liked NDAC better with NDS instead of ND5 as a transport… .but I have not tried … I only have one psu.
NDS as a transport and dac in my system is superior to ND5/NDAC/XPS.
Thank you for all your advice, as for my XPS need service, but I prefer to keep this money to change it.

Hi Eric

Thanks for letting us know about this.

It supports ChrisSU’s experience of the nDAC being more lively and the NDS being more resolving.

Is the NDS a keeper then?

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Hi Jim, for the moment I keep both, I would like to do other tests eventually.
Do you know what 555ps brings more than the XPS?

Hi, sorry I’m a bit late to come back to this. No, I have never owned either, but I have listened to both in enough different systems to get a feel for what they do. They are both great sources, and if I wasn’t bothered about box count I would probably own one of them. Despite my stated preference for the NDAC I could happily live with either. In some ways perhaps the NDS is easier to live with in that its more refined presentation can seem a bit more laid back (in purely relative terms) where the NDAC can be a bit more ‘in your face’ in true Naim style. That’s my impression, anyway.
My main point was just to say that the two sources, as is so often the case, have quite a different character, and I think the forum tends to have people presenting things in an oversimplified heirarchical way where product A is better than product B. (Usually posted by owners of product A!)


I have only owned the 555DR, not an XPS.

The 555DR adds a great deal to the 272, and the Naim DAC, making something that’s already very good a whole lot better.


Thanks Jim :+1:

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