What’s my best option for a streamer?

And the only wrinkle in this option is that I recently heard that the nDac does not support system automation like the NDS does. So apparently, you can’t control the ND5 XS2 thru the Naim app which would suck. I haven’t had this verified tho.
SQ wise tho, it would be great.

If it’s modern capabilities that you want, but without losing SQ, there’s always the option to sell NDX, 282, HC and Nova to fund a NSC222. Then maybe add an NPX300 sometime in the future.

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Streaming lossless from Apple Music sounds impressive to me, so a modern Mac computer, iPad, iPad could be an option.

The NDAC does support System Automation. The problem is that the current streamers, including the ND5XS2, only have one remote cable connection unlike their prececessors, which had two. So you have to choose between connecting it to the DAC (for input control) or the preamp (for volume and input control).
Either way, you still get to control the streamer using the app.


Thanks so much for the clarification. That should help some others too if they see it.
I missed out on a pre-owned nDac about a year back. I had time, I just didn’t jump on it. I’d love to have one for a second system or for my daughter.

I compared streaming and ripped CDs from a MacBook Pro to a dedicated Naim Naim alternative (actually 2). We were surprised by how big the gap in SQ was, but of course YMMV as they say.


What I do is to stream lossless 192/24 from a Mac Mini to a Gustard [USB isolator], which then connects to a Chord Hugo1.

I know upsampling a stream to a fixed 192/24 is not ideal, which is a weak point of using a Mac, but I am surprised by the SQ:

Absolutely. Any decent dedicated streamer sounds better than streaming direct from an iPad, iPhone, or computer.


You are a @Innocent_Bystander follower apparently….however a Dave instead of Hugo in his case.

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The Chord Hugo 1 plus an Exposure amp, a pair of small Neat speakers are used in my office, and I must say that Apple Music has made a huge step forward SQ-wise with lossless.

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I had Hugo1 before Dave - and would have happily continued living with it if the opportunity to get Dave hadn’t presented itself…


I was meaning Mac Mini > Gustard > Chord dac trio. Not so common here.

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Maybe not here with the Naim users, but actually, Gustard, and Topping products are very popular Chinese products elsewhere.

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That is certainly true - in many markets around the world, Naim products and almost everything discussed with much vigour here are not available. Of course, in many markets, Qobuz and Tidal don’t get much market share or are not available or not permitted: -


Whether you think that matters at all is entirely up to you.

Have you ever felt tempted to try a blind listening test?

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Most here use a transport, from cheap ones like Bluesound Node, Ifi Zen, to Lumin mini, Nd5xs2, Auralic….into external dacs.

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Definitely not going down that rabbit hole. The 282/300dr are here to stay. :blush:

any more input on the eversolo A6 with naim? eversolo is certainly getting a lot of attention and appears to be good value if the hype is supported.

See this thread: Upgrade digital front end - Eversolo DMP-A6 better than Allo Digione Signature?

The most recent review I have seen suggests it is great VFM, if veering a bit too much toward clean sound over real-world harmonics. That review put its SQ rather behind the more expensive ifi Neo Stream, though in each case using it as a transport to an external DAC seemed marginally preferred to the (perfectly good) internal DAC. Has anyone here compared these to the usual suspects?


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