What’s Your Best ‘Tweak’?

With a 552 and 500 I’d suggest you get a full Fraim.

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At my dealers, I heard the pads under a NDX (?) on a Fraim. They had a similar impact to what I’m hearing at home. When I get the ones I leant to a friend back I will try them under my NDS, if they don’t make a difference they will go under one of my ‘Qutes that sit below my music server.


Are the Fraim shelves different than the Fraim Lite shelves? I know the full version has the additional glass shelf, are the wooden shelves identical? in other words would I have to get rid of my shelves to upgrade to the full Fraim model?

I believe there is a D shaped cut out in the fraim lite shelves, and the three counterbored recesses for the balls/cups.

In theory if you knew the exact positions of the recesses, you could counterbore and fit glass shelves, cups and balls…

hello Antz
what does the outer protection do?

I see chord are fans of shielded speaker cable

got an olson extension lead with the thick 16amp cable and plug. Replaced the plug with a domestic 3 pin and removed the red LED on light.

Damn this naim gear sounds really good now.

Was thinking about getting a sparks to star earth the extension box…

The wooden shelves are different shapes. As well as the cutouts first the cups, the shelves have a hole for the post that stops the glass sliding off. The base is of course completely different.

Hmmmm… Pity Naim didn’t make the Lite upgradable.

You can add the glass but it wouldn’t be a proper Fraim unfortunately.

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After dedicated mains I bought a famous Cisco switch from the Bay, for the princely sum of £20.00.
My enjoyment of music via 272 went up another couple of steps. Ooops, must get that switch serviced but can’t stop listening to what it doesn’t do to the music.

Ah, the old Cecil Watts!

Not sure that glass shelves on ball cups make bigger differences vs isolation devices under components on a Fraimlite.

Me neither but it sure looks better than having everything on silly feet. It’s like when children walk on upturned buckets.

Silly feet? Not my opinion…

@mickdale just tiday up Cord Cable, I have not gone down the route of cable mounts for speakers (YET)

Try these little fellas on your speaker stands.

Used them on my new Atacama HMS2’s. Superior result to the supplied bobbins…!
3M “Audio Serenity” ISO-9H.

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I upgraded my Fraimlite shelves to full Fraim specs. I bought a Full Fraim base, and copied all the dimensions…on the CNC machine that I run at work. I now have the recesses for the cups, the hole for the dowel, and I even cut away the sides to match Full Fraim shelves, then had them all professionally painted black. I would think anyone could do similar with modest woodworking skills, and the proper tools.

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Tweak, something not expensive and made a noticeable improvement of the sound.

Each one of the slabs has a weight of 32 kg. Between and under I have a set of 4 Oehlbachs.
No vibrations from the floor gets through and I got my Titans up 13 cm which for me improved the soundstage. Total cost 100 euro.

And my wife really likes rough design.


Oooo-er Matron! Oh, wait. Design…

IGMC. :wink::grin: