What’s Your Best ‘Tweak’?

Not sure that glass shelves on ball cups make bigger differences vs isolation devices under components on a Fraimlite.

Me neither but it sure looks better than having everything on silly feet. It’s like when children walk on upturned buckets.

Silly feet? Not my opinion…

@mickdale just tiday up Cord Cable, I have not gone down the route of cable mounts for speakers (YET)

Try these little fellas on your speaker stands.

Used them on my new Atacama HMS2’s. Superior result to the supplied bobbins…!
3M “Audio Serenity” ISO-9H.


I upgraded my Fraimlite shelves to full Fraim specs. I bought a Full Fraim base, and copied all the dimensions…on the CNC machine that I run at work. I now have the recesses for the cups, the hole for the dowel, and I even cut away the sides to match Full Fraim shelves, then had them all professionally painted black. I would think anyone could do similar with modest woodworking skills, and the proper tools.


Tweak, something not expensive and made a noticeable improvement of the sound.

Each one of the slabs has a weight of 32 kg. Between and under I have a set of 4 Oehlbachs.
No vibrations from the floor gets through and I got my Titans up 13 cm which for me improved the soundstage. Total cost 100 euro.

And my wife really likes rough design.


Oooo-er Matron! Oh, wait. Design…

IGMC. :wink::grin:


Had a dedicated spur fitted on Thursday. Don’t underestimate the value of a good clean feed is all I’ll say. We discovered in doing this that the socket I’d been using was last on the ring main!

Funnily enough what little hum I was hearing from the XPSDR is now completely gone.

Much cheaper than ‘audiophile’ mains cables, powerblocks etc, which I’ve never been sold on.



Did you get a dedicated consumer unit too?

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Fortunately there was one spare in the fuse cupboard. We’ve no idea why. The previous owner’s son was an electrician, plus they fostered kids. So we think they had intended to give them a separate feed for some things.

Lucky me though!


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I also have Fraimlite, but have added the glass shelves and will probably add the additional base section as found in the full Fraim at some point.

I have used Stands Unique Carbon Isolators instead of the traditional Fraim cups and balls, they seem to work well and are more resistant to the glass moving around once under weight.

Has been a worthwhile upgrade from standard Fraimlite but no idea how it compares to full Fraim!

Oh and a free tweak, try different plug orders for your equipment; did this recently, eventually I ended up with a completely reversed plug order from how it has been for years and I rather like the results.


@GraemeH you should get a separate dedicated consumer unit before the main household consumer unit, makes such a difference!


I have a second consumer unit In my mind. For sure it will not hurt. Right now I have like @GraemeH the same consumer unit as the rest of the house for my dedicated. Will se when. I regret I just installed one dedicated and not two initially.

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Cable dressing.

Keeping cables away from each other, particularly power cables. Costs nothing and noticeable improvement.

I noticed buzz from my speakers. Narrowed it down to laptop power cable touching speaker cable. Two things learned:

  1. Speaker cable had terrible noise rejection. Replaced with the most excellent Atlas Hyper 3.5.

  2. Keep cables away from each other, particularly power cables.

Another favourite tweak.

For digital sources - making sure digital audio output is bit perfect and source is isolated (battery powered laptop/optical fibre cable/galvanic isolation/etc).

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Levitating speaker cables off the carpet with wooden blocks. LOL

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A Laura-Ashley, £175 in the sale. Had to be grey/silver to suite the room/flooring.

Very happy with the new streamer but I was noticing that, sometimes, it was a little harsh at the top end. The listening room/lounge is VERY harsh furnishing with no carpets, white painted walls (F&B of course), laminate flooring etc… So quite hard sonically. I put a rug on the floor between the speakers and the listening sofa and now the top end brittleness has gone :slight_smile: tbh this could have probably be done with a rug costing a third of the price but SWMBO has certain ideas on style :wink:

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Yes but you are happy with sonic benefits and the wife is happy with the rug a win win situation.

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Just popped another three Stillpoint ultra minis under one of the Supercaps. A very nice improvement for under £300. That’s all the SCs stillpointed, now on to the 250 DRs, when I get a bit more pocket money.