What’s your favourite music venue?

Thanks to ewemon for stirring up memories of the Glasgow Apollo. Whilst I have fond memories and I saw many of my favourite bands there, my favourite venue has to be the Half Moon, Putney (1985-89).

Fairport’s warm up gigs for Cropredy, The Blues Band before they went caberet, Steve Gibbons, Blues n’ Trouble, Morrissey Mullen on my 21st (a bit hazy towards the end), Ralph McTell at the bar.

It was always packed, hot and sweaty on Fridays and Saturdays. The barman in the back room was awesome, managing multiple orders of Murphy’s and Guinness simultaneously.

What’s everyone’s top venue and why?

My chair in front of my main system. :grin:


Beacon Theatre, NYC.

Talking of Glasgow…

I saw Chick Cores perform at ‘The Fruit Market’ there, many years ago.

Much more a market than an auditorium as I recall.

Then there’s the Three Tuns in Beckenham, where I used to see Bowie every Sunday night. A very intimate venue.

Not for me the arenas or festivals, rather the more unexpected venue, where you could pay at the door, or better still, a freebie.

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It was the Marquee club in London - was, as I mean the old venue in Wardour Street. Despite the small capacity (400 IIRC) they had pretty big bands play there (sometimes incognito) as well as up and coming, and it was a lovely intimate place.

The largest I liked have bern places like Rainbow theatre and Hammersmith Odeon (also London), capacities maybe ~3k. I dislike much larger venues, and detest huge places like football stadia. (Festivals don’t count in that.)


My local venue is the Brixton Academy and I have lots of great memories from there. I also like the Roundhouse but I have a particular soft spot for the Union Chapel in Islington


The original Tipitina’s in New Orleans. Perfect size; remarkable acoustics for such a predominantly wooden shack design and the only venue I’ve ever been where the bar staff bring the drinks into the (standing) audience.


Hammersmith Odeon. Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Brighton Concorde 2.

My wife and I really enjoy Birmingham Symphony Hall. Amazing acoustics and used for all kinds of musical styles. A very civilised evening out with a meal first in one of the many places locally. ( before CV, of course,)


A lot of fond memories attached to this place in latter part of ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Hey - I was there every week! It was a special time and everyone was very approachable hanging out after the performances. I remember David doing more mime than singing.

Nowadays, any place where
Ese and The Vooduu People are playing…

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Apart from the usual suspects I also have fond memories of the Astoria in Charing Cross road.

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I would count both the electric and academy in Brixton as my local venues too. Agree with you on the union chapel, another favourite is Bush Hall in Shepherd’s Bush. They have some good artists, great acoustics and a small friendly venue.


As someone of a certain age, my idea of a perfect music venue is very different from what it would have been in my teens or my 20s.

Nowadays, I think my favourite concert venue is probably the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. Not too large a venue, so still reasonably intimate and absolutely fantastic acoustics. Quite a few of the bands I’ve seen there recently have commented on just how good the acoustics are.

In my time in London (until 2008), I had two favourite venues. The Half Moon Putney as mentioned above, so many great gigs there, Jerry Donahue, Richard Thompson band, I’d forgotten about Morrisey Mullen until they were mentioned here. And the Wigmore Hall, what amazing acoustics, and how many superb concerts I saw there, the Lindsays playing Beethoven OP. 135 was one high point among many.
I suppose having been to over 30 Fairport reunions there, I should admit to a great love for the Cropredy Festival field, I’ve heard some amazing music, had great times with friends, drunk some fantastic Burgundies and Clarets, and met my late wife.


Birmingham Symphony Hall does sound amazing. I’ve heard Elvis Costello, Tony Bennett and Neil Finn all do un-mic’d performances there. Truly amazing.

Tony Bennett said that he could only do this in Symphony Hall and another venue in Dallas.


I’m going for three!

The Dagenham Roundhouse 1969-75. Fantastic bands, too many to attempt to list. Wouldn’t have ever wanted to see it in daylight, but great atmosphere.

The Northampton Roadmender - some truly memorable gigs in the 80s and 90s.

Cambridge Folk Festival - lovely place, lovely people, lovely memories!

Many others could have made it on to my list, but these 3 floated to the top!

Royal Albert Hall in London , UK.

Seen many live performances there, including Mike Oldfield & Lesley Garrett.


Back in the day Jenkinsons on Brighton seafront was great - saw the Bunnymen, Spizz and various others there. Nowadays the Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea is good, and my son has even played there. For classical music I love the Turner Sims in Southampton, which has the most fantastic sound and a very reasonably priced bar. I’ve seen Tord Gustavsen and Trygve Seim there, as well as Angela Hewitt and Alina Ibragimova. Pizza Express on Dean Street is great of course, and the Village Vanguard in New York, though I’ve only been there once. I’d love to go back - the history of the place is second to none.

More locally, WemsFest use the lovely old Chidham Village Hall. It seats about 100 and has the most wonderful sound and atmosphere. I’ve seen loads of great musicians there. When we were able to go out! All this talk of venues makes me keener than ever to see some live music. Listening at home is great, but being able to look the musicians in the eye is something else.

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