What should I do with my RP3?

If you are going to keep the RP3, then a MM with the Aria seems a sensible thing to do , imo.
Also, use a decent IC from the Phono stage to your preamp/integrated amp- this is the most important cable in my experience ( other than the actual tone arm wiring which you probably will not be changing with your current deck ). The Aria will give you some flexibility later if you upgrade from the RP3.

What the exact best option is, is hard for me to say. Them with more experience and better equipment than me here say the turntable upgrade knocks socks off so I’d seriously consider that.

However the Aria is a fantastic piece of kit too and, if the reviews are to be believed, will power everything up to and including the Apheta perfectly.

I have an older red Chord Cobra RCA to DIN cable that I can use between the phono stage and Supernait. Do you think this will do?

Yes, that should do just fine with a MM up front. Sounds like a good plan to get you spinning some vinyl. Invest in a RCM if find that you will be buying more vinyl- better for your cartridge and your ears!

All set with that. I’ve been cleaning my records with my Okki Nokki in anticipation of getting the RP3 running! Thanks for the help.

Good Man! Have fun

I would give it to @Bobthebuilder . He will tweak it and turbo charge it . :laughing:

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They will be fine. Maybe later go for the Rega Couple 2, which keeps it Rega all the way to the Naim.

I also have an RP3 which has been fully rewired and serviced by Rega and currently has an Elys2 fitted and used with the Rega MM phonstage.
As I posted on a different thread recently, I’m hankering after an upgrade to a P8 with ??(unsure) cartridge… but this thread does throw up a few questions.
I’ve only ever known MM cartridges, what sort of differences exactly could I/ should anyone, expect with MC which is generally considered to be superior? Having said that, some reading around the subject seems to suggest the gap between MM/MC is now considerably smaller.
Another question then springs to mind… how far can you ‘push’ a RP3? With people suggesting it’s capable of a decent MC as well as pairing with the Aria phonostage. I have generally been of the belief that if I wanted to improve upon P3/Elys2 I would need to ‘stretch’ to an exact or otherwise upgrade the deck.
Interested in comments, as may the OP.

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Firstly What RP3 is it the one from 4 or 5 years ago or an older one? I’d stick on an Audio Technica from the VM95 range less than £100 and I’d buy an early Rega Fono again for about £100.

Then I’d have some fun playing your old records if you really enjoy it at some point down the line I’d go for one of Rega’s cartridge TT packages P6 or P8 and matching phono stage.

All this buying things now to stick on a deck later will just confuse the issue and you have a pretty decent digital front end that will sound better than sticking an expensive cart on your Rega.
You’re going to have to compete with or improve upon your UltraRendu/Chord Qutest otherwise what’s the point and it’s going to take probably a P6 or P8 to do so, so until you can make that kind of investment I’d just spend a little getting the RP3 going.


Bob is right. I have had an RP3 and an AT95E on a separate system for some time and that’s all you’ll ever need for the moment. Whenever you decide to upgrade, just find a good, decent dealer to do a part exchange to help you set up and new rig. Best of luck.

Makes a lot of sense. Do I need spacers to fit the Audio Technical cartridge to the RP3? or is it pretty much plug and play. My table is the most recent RP3 - the generation before the current models.

Good point I’m not sure looking at it I’d say it’s about the same size as my AT that I have on my P8 and I did use a 2mm spacer having said that Roy Gandy does say that VTA is secondary and unimportant at these levels but it’s up to you I just thought it’s a 10 minute job so it’s one less thing to worry about.

So if your able to do so yourself then I’d say yes if not then I wouldn’t worry improvements if any will be minimal. I’m not sure if you’re aware but with an older Rega you will need the normal spacer that looks like a washer I’m not sure I’m not sure if the newer RP3 is three point fixing.

If you go with an AT VM95 perhaps spend a bit more and go with a VM95ML which is a Microline stylus and is £120 I think.

Ps I just looked up the AT VM95 series and they are a couple of ml bigger than the Rega carts.

If you are buying a new cart then talk to a dealer who has fitted one to a Rega P3. They will tell you what spacers, if any, are needed.

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