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I have a Superuniti - Ovator 400’s and Powerline fed from a Synology Nas.
I am thinking of purchasing a Uniti Nova to replace the SU in my lounge and moving the SU to our bedroom.
Q. I need to purchase some speakers… Do I keep the Ovators in the lounge with the Nova and purchase new/secondhand for the bedroom or move the orators with the SU to the bedroom.
Also - any ideas for speakers would be great - it doesn’t have to be new, looking for quality ideally. Am picking up the Nova secondhand for £2.5K.
Thanks All,

Do you want such big speakers in the bedroom? Personally I’d leave the ovators where they are, and look for neat iotas for the bedroom.

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Thanks Robert,
No, not necessarily.
I haven’t ever heard the Neat Iotas.
Would they be a good fit for the SU?


There are a few speaker brands that gel with naim, such that one could buy unheard but with confidence that the results will be good. Neat is one of them, the iotas are small (tiny in fact) and so should be easily accommodated in any room. So they are an easy recommendation.
For me bedroom = less critical listening so i’d not hesitate and just click “buy it now”.
For your main system I wouldnt do that, the ovators are already well respected and you would really have to listen to find replacements. (Not easy right now in current lockdown circumstances). You could even look at more expensive speakers and not necessarily find something for you that improves on them.
Iotas are £800 brand new rrp, i expect you’ll find a pair discounted in the uk somewhere. Yep, b stock £529

In face of the expected room size, I would make a @hungryhalibut approach: proacs tablete, or @robert_h neat iotas sugestion

How about a Muso for the bedroom as an alternative to the SU and speakers ?

@james_n , i think the OP wants to move up, on the ladder. Going SU to Nova it’s the idea. :sweat_smile:

Yes, the idea is to upgrade the SU in the lounge to a Nova.
I don’t want to get rid of the SU so thought of moving it to the bedroom (which is quite large).
I already have a muso there which I have moved up to my office.


Ah ok. Just a thought.

I wouldn’t too. :+1:
Guess I would go ProAc standmounts: I’m a fan of the brand, although reckon there’s a lot to choose from and always the taste factor

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