What should I get


Total Noob to the new Naim, Well had a 150,155 and cd5 + B&Wcdm7s 20 years ago…But everything seems to have massively moved on!!!

Just bought a Nap 300 DR and an NDX2 (misses went mental)
What Pre amp would you guys recommend… (thinking of a 252 + SC) seen one on Ebay, It’s not DR but has Kendiel Capacitors?? What ever that means??. Does the DR make that much difference?? And can I get it serviced with the non standard capacitors? And upgrade to DR

As for Speakers, thinking B&W 804D cos they look nice…

Also, Its for the man cave… The room is 27Msq Will it all be a little too much?

PS, Don’t like the neighbors anyway! lol


A NAC252 would be a good pre-amp here. Either that or a NAC552…

Kendeil Caps are good caps, but not standard (Naim use Felsics here, which they found best), so probably it has been serviced outside the authorised Naim network. You could still have it DR upgraded by Naim - they would obviously remove anything non-standard.

252/SC DR + 300 DR (or maybe 250 DR) is a very classic combination. Some don’t like the 252 very much and prefer the 282+250DR - different tastes. 252 a bit more laid back / transparent maybe, 282 more punch. But we are talking nuances. The 552 if affordable is a big step up by all accounts if you want to go there.

The DR makes a a lot of difference says everyone who heard both.

However, with a 252/SC (and definitely a 552) and 300 DR you most likely don’t want the plain NDX2 but want an XPS DR at least as the power supply.

And 27 sqm is not a lot so choose the speakers carefully. Being a man cave, at least you have all options for placement and treatment. Don’t blow all money on gear, consider what you need to do to the room to make it work

Hi guys

Thanks for the advice… I’ve gone with the 282 preamp…
what’s best from here… should I get aHCDR or there’s a supercap 2 for sale at a reasonable price… it’s not DR but will it be better than a HCDR?



It is well above average lounge size in UK! However it is a bit meaningless without info as to dimensions rather than area.

I don’t think you should base your selection of speakers on appearance alone. There are so many manufacturers to choose from and most make several models. You should really audition some to find out which ones sound best to your ears in your room. Budget may also be a consideration? Wilson and Magico make some nice ones if you’ve got £20k or more to spend!

The two statements can be simultaneously true :slight_smile:

Indeed, however ‘not a lot’, which I take to mean ‘not large’ is very subjective! To most British people a 27 m3 room is a relatively large room, which is significant when talking about size of speakers relative to room.

The problem is always that what many people would consider a large room based on what is available, is not considered a large room by many speakers :slight_smile:

However some large speakers can perform well in rooms that relatively speaking are not particularly large!

Some, yes. Which is why I suggested to choose the speakers carefully. And not blowing all money on gear and keep some for possibly necessary room improvement (which may be necessary in any room), as I also wrote. Sorry, I don’t see how any of this was particularly controversial.

I didn’t suggest it was controversial, but merely picked up on your implication that the room size is small, which in domestic terms many people in Britain would disagree. It just goes to show how terms such as small or large are actually meaningless as they are relative and mean different things to different people!

Sure, my point was just that in terms of what would be ideal for hifi it’s on the small side and comes with the associated problems one has to work with, so I suggested to plan for it.

It’s a fact of course that what would be ideal for hifi is not most people’s reality of life, so all the more reason to plan for what one has available


LOL 20K on speakers… My misses would go into orbit!!!
Thinking about 5k with 1.5K to spend on a HC or maybe a stretch SC

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