What solution between AoB?

Question: wanting to buy another Cisco Catalyst 2960 CG (green in the photo) for the salon room where the ND5 XS2 is located, it is more correct to connect it to the Cisco Catalyst 2960 CG swich (black) which is in the room where the modem is also located Telecom Italia or directly to the Telecom Italia modem?
Near the modem there is also unit (brown) which is already connected to the Cisco 2960 catalyst CG (black)

This would be the preferred option. It’s generally not good practice (so my IT man tells me) to have a switch connected to a switch unless absolutely necessary.

If you followed Ethernet switch and cables mania thread, some reported better results connecting 2 Cisco in cascade vs one Cisco.
However nothing established. Why not try yourself and see which configuration will sound best.
There is no wrong way anyway. I suspect B will sound better.

Correction paint

For domestic use, switch to switch isn’t a problem at all.

Either do whichever is more convenient,
do whichever sounds better.

There’s no problem from the IT perspective.

Thanks Xanthe,
there may lie the reason my IT man said not to go switch to switch - ours is a commercial grade, managed system.
It’s not expensive very to buy a switch, so if it works in a domestic system, then do it :slight_smile:

Why do you need 2 switches? Are you running out of ports on the 1st one?

Presumably your existing Cisco switch is connected to the modem, but your drawing does not show this?
Some cheap ISP supplied boxes have poorly implemented switch ports, and poor, noisy power supplies, so I generally try to keep them well away from my audio equipment. I have my ISP supplied router connected to a Cisco switch, and nothing else, for that reason.

Because modems and the first Cisco are in the study room near Unitiserve.

In another room there is the Nait5si, ND5xs2, Rega Aria, Marantz TT15s1, NA7004 and SACD8400 plus my sky box hd, and bluray Pioneer BDPlx58 with plasma TV.

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