What system for this room

I am starting the search for a new system, the budget is approx £3.5 to £4K. I normally buy used or Ex demo. My musical taste is eclectic and ranges from classic to rock. Sources are streaming, NAS and TV and I am looking at one box solutions.
In the past I have had Superuniti with PMC and liked the sound.
At Present I have a Muso2 to tied me over.
The main living are is all open plan with vaulted ceilings.
The lounge area is approx 4m by 4m deep and 3.5 m vaulted ceiling.

The area behind the lounge is 7m x 6m and 4.2m vaulted ceilings.

I am not sure where to start, I did wonder about a N-272 with Acoustic Energy AE1A.
All suggestions are welcome.

Got to be the Nova, surely. Natural step on from your Superuniti.

Ex-demo/used Nova and a pair of PMC twenty5 series

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I’d go with a pair of monitors like the PMC DB1 Gold.

I’d pair it with SuperNait 2 and ND5XS2.


Shahinian compass speakers would imo look at home in your space.


Thanks for the suggestions so far,
I do not know the shahinian compass speakers so one to look at.
I am leaning towards PMC but would like to take the opportunity to look at something a little different

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Just looking at your photos again. I am assuming that system will be placed in the area with the sofas? That seems to be a smallish area with seats that would be close to speakers. You might want to put Proac Tablette 10’s on your demo list as they can go right against the wall and are very suited to near-field listening

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