What the hell is an audiophile recording?

the Jeremy Olivier - Where The Light Gets In is not jazz in my opinion. I’d call it a singer/songwriter album.

Okay the Mike del Ferro is a jazz pianist but so is James Taylor’s pianist Larry Goldings.[quote=“Richieroo, post:310, topic:1195, full:true”]
Is this a jazz only thread??? Jazz Police???


Do you mean those responsible for vocal on one channel and backing on the other?
(still existing on a 1988 release).

A lot of early stuff was mixed for tranny radio and they went home and left the engineers to look after stereo versions.
The Beatles were fantastic, great music, innovative and a cultural see-change. Audiophile recordings they were not.

Please do not encourage Abbey Road or next year we will get the one microphone recording version of Let It Be.

(Her indoors is a big Beatles fan and saw them live twice. When I wax lyrical about Naim she tells me she prefers a Dansette. For Beatles records she is probably right.)

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It was a minimalist mic set up :grinning:;

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Is singer/songwriter a genre? I’m not sure how it can be…

Have this SuperSense Master Recording, basically an acetate cutting, that is playable.
Based on a studio recording from May 2015, recorded to tape, which is then used to cut the acetate directly.

So does it sound? Talk about walking into the Music Studio and sitting in the corner. Absolutely excellent - quiet, fantastic imaging for just “you are there” level of recording.

Comes with its own pair of white gloves to handle it.

But I already have my own, for some of my records now!

€377. Ouch !

Yes, but limited to 100 and when you consider this isn’t pressed but cut, for you.

Good job, 1. there aren’t more of them, and 2. I happen to like Gregory Porter (flew to London to see him, from a box, in the Royal Albert Hall, so the total cost of the live concert was still more than this)

Plus are we doing HiFi, or just talking about it?

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Surely it’s easier to just fly him to Dublin?

Now where’s the fun in that?

I have to admit that I do love the RAH (and occasionally even in a box in the distant past).

I took my son there to see an Icelandic pianist, Vikingur Olaffsson, last summer in the Proms.


Try this one.



Available in high-res stereo, binaural or multi-channel.

Recorded in DSD by Tom Peeters of Cobra Records, who shares his recording philosophy here:

[Small disclaimer: I was among the crowdfunders of this album.]

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That album is destined to make all the audio shows. And for a good reason the SQ is really something;
Atzko Kohashi & Eddy Koopman Sketches of Seasons


And go to sleep 5 minutes later :joy:

I think it gets a bit too loud for that

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I highly recommend Tony’s duo with Bert van den Brink , Impromptu. it is 50% off this weekend at https://www.soundliaison.com/



Once upon a time, I owned this Sheffield Labs record. I remenber that it was very expensive at the time, but had lots of presence. Vocals, particularly backing vocals and brass sounded terrific.

As part of my mid-life crisis, almost 20 years ago, I sold c.800 LPs, includung this one (I know, I know!) and replaced almost all on CD - but not this one. Frankly, although the sound was great, the music wasn’t!

Brian D.


I found a bit like you for the Dave Grusin , the sound was specially good, but the music not so interesting, apart one track. I sold that album.
It’s about the same today for me. 99% of the audiophile albums are not interesting me. I can’t be involved with the music unfortunately.