What things do you like best about your system!?

It’s always there ready and waiting to sound amazing, any time of day or night. And if I have to neglect it for a few days it just sounds all the better on my return. The most faithful of all companions!

And as someone who grew up with vinyl, tapes and CD, it still amazes me that I have a world of music at my fingertips with my NDS.

I love how it looks, and the pedigree, quality and service that comes with Naim ownership. A real rarity in an age of disposability and ‘designed to fail’.

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Oh this is a difficult question. Everything in my kit is carefully evaluated and chosen in the context of the system. It does feel, however as if it’s been built around the speakers since they are fantastic and among the best I’ve heard, period. So perhaps speakers but if I hadn’t fronted them with what I have I would have never known. And then we have the NDS. What a streamer! It’s absolutely amazing sounding and one has to live with the outdated streaming board even though it hurts. I brought it to my dealer and played it as a source in his shop. Suffice to say, I think he didn’t want me to take it home. On top of all this we have the 82, a pre that grows with its tasks (and power supply😅). Another amazing product still playing music on the same level as preamplifiers in the pricebracket of 332. Then we have the fantastic Goldnote Mediterraneo with its partnering power supply and RIAA. As stable as a rock and so sweet just pulling you in to the music. Finally the thing making all of these things get some volume up, the NAP 250. Oh my, is it good, powerful and insightful as few. Damn I can’t choose and I haven’t even talked cables yet😅


This is slightly difficult to …
I like most when I am relaxing on the sofa reading on the iPad (like now) and could not go on with it as I am sucked in the music.
And that it is keeping me busy all the time and getting me near a nervous breakdown :rofl:

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From the first date we had +15 years ago till today. Having looked at it almost every day. I never get tired of my system humbly glowing green in the dark waiting for me to press play and get the boogie started. It will be green till the very end for me. It’s a classic.



Same here … but I was 35 years ago :rofl:

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