What to do?

Moved from Sydney to Queensland in June…to cut a long story short…packed up my main Naim system and took it to Audio Genesis to store while we sold and moved…planned to fly back down, hire an SUV and drive it up once we’d settled…we arrived in Queensland and within days the borders were closed and have remained so with tentative reopening last Monday…so what do you do to play some music in the meantime?
I had an older set of Audio Physic Virgos that came up in the removal van, I sourced a Uniti2 in as new condition at a fraction of its original retail and matched in a lovely Clearaudio Concept Wood with Satisfy Kardan arm/Shelter Mc cart…superb and now have a really good second system…will still have to wait until February (Omicron is on the rise and Queensland has become notorious for snap border closures)to get back to collect my Hifi but we have tunes for Christmas…happy days
This is my first post on the forum and hope it’s in the right room…


Well done Milletta, looks like you handled that little disaster with aplomb.

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Welcome to the forum, and happy to hear you managed to sort out the music situation for the upcoming holidays with what seems to be a rather decent second system.

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Thank you…where there’s a will…as they say


I rather think that room is the right room.


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