What to expect from used ND 555

Does anyone know the probable lifespan of ND 555 and have there been any updates in past 3-years?

Is there a consensus on value of adding second 555PS?

There have been software updates, but not hardware since launch. Reading between the lines changes to the 500 series is not likely for a few years until 200/300 are launched.
Very difficult on the forum to get consensus, i just listened and felt the 2nd ps gave a more natural, detailed musical performance.


It depends what aspect: electronics likely many decades I would guess.

Software enabling it to keep doing what it does today or at any given future point, probably likewise, though when using an app to control it there might come a point at sone impossible to predict time in the future when Naim’s then current app doesn’t support it, and when whatever device you use to run the app no longer supports the last version. Keeping doing what it does at any given point might not mean keeping on using the same external services such as online streaming services, which periodically change their requirement - but my understanding is that the more recent crop of streamers, including ND555, were designed to hopefully be able to keep being updated for longer than had been the case with Naim’s previous generation streamers.

If or when it reaches that point of no longer being able to access online streaming services, streaming from your own stored music should still work indefinitely.

Just software/firmware updates and, to me, a reasonably priced ‘pre-loved’ 555PSDR was worth the investment. It draws more out of an already very capable machine.



I didn’t find a second PS an upgrade so much as a necessity. I enjoyed it with a single PS but didn’t engage with it the way I had my CDS3 / XPS2DR. The second PS took it to another level in my set up and then it made sense - I wish I had known that upfront and gone straight for the second PS, before the prices went up!


I had similar feelings vs. the CD555. With one 555PS, the ND555 had better texture but the dynamics and drive were a little behind the CD player. Adding the second 555PS transformed things, enabling the ND555 to pull well ahead in my opinion.


To throw a spanner in the works.
I would certainly recommend listening to other dacs as well, especially if you are thinking about spending nd555 plus 2 x 555ps money.

It’s always worth listening round at this level. I did and was surprised at how much I didn’t like the alternatives.


Good advice……at any level, it’s just your own ears.

You certainly do need to try for yourself, as some will say this and others will say that. The only real thing is lots to choose from especially at this level and even much lower these days as things have certainly moved on fast

One power supply: Solid, tuneful sound. Very grounded.

Two power supplies: Better detail, delicacy, power. World class.


A lot to choose, yes. It can be DCS, EMM Labs, MSB, Ideon, Wadax, or Goldmund, CH Precision, or Soulution. Innuos Statement with Chord Mscaler/ Dave. No one of those will sound the same and all will sound different from Naim.
Have you heard all these? You much preferred DCS vs Naim. But perhaps if you had listened to MSB , at similar cost, or CH Precision, you would prefer one of these two vs the DCS, who knows.

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I lisened to quite a few and even posted on here some of it. But that was a few years ago, and things have moved on loads since then.

Msb probably would have been close, but it was far more expensive than what i started with back then, after that i got a bit lucky with the vivaldi apex, and certainly not looking to change it.

But for me, if you are looking at spending that sort of money, then i would certainly try others, as why not?


Well it’s a naim forum so obviously the ND555 is very much in the context a recommended source

I don’t have that kind of budget but … I’d love to own one though !

Heard DCS but much prefer Naim Linn and Chord

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