What to use to clean naim equipment, can you use windex window cleaner?

Isopropylic alcohol on a microfiber cloth.

A similar but much more pleasant smelling product is Muc-Off’s MO94. I have used it very sparingly to remove marks left by feet of other units. Works really well.

I use Autoglym vinyl and rubber care. It gives (and maintains) the ‘as new’ look and smells nice. It doesn’t leave a trace on CB or Olive facias either, where most everything else does.

My stuff never really gets dirty, just dusty. I use a paint brush to dust it off.

I’ve read of black shoe polish being used to restore the CB & Olive extrusions

+1 foaming antistatic cleaner. I used to buy it (in the UK). from Maplins, before they disappeared.

Why did you use that, Thomas?

Are you being serious?

If you want to turn Naim gear cranberry-red, what is the recipe? (. . . so it NEVER happens to me again). (Thank you Naim for the restoration of my pre-loved NAT05XS.)


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Great question and for me about material compatibility. I.e. the need to clean, but not bugger up anything either. At its most basic, a simple one of chemistry.
Most modern cleaners are quite weak, which does stop most of us buggering stuff up. Most of the proper solvents are long banned now.
I have set of " lable remover" pens that I got from RS years that are the best at removing sticky residues. I think they are orange juice. But certainly fruit juice, mildly diluted has its place.

However, as noted above , I find a damp microfiber covers 95% of any cleaning need.

You must be joking…

From a “Caring For Your Hifi” booklet which my first Naim dealer gave me back in the days of Olive gear:


Thanks Graeme.:+1:

I was starting to doubt myself after a couple of negative posts. @JimDog @ditton66 @Thegreatroberto :scream_cat:

Wow - I would never had tried that!

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