What Tools Do You Use To Setup Your Speakers?

I use various music of course but I’m also a firm believer in precision. So I use both a metal tape measure and a Laser measure and also two different Levels. Richard reminded me Snap On open end wrench’s to tighten spikes and various torx bits Etc.

A sundial and a gyroscope.


Mk. 1 eyeball (x2) for alignment. Mk. 1 ear (x2) for measurement purposes.


A set of good quality spanners (Britool are good as they’re well made and quite slim - perfect for tightening up spike nuts), a set of good quality Allen Keys, a torque driver with hex bits, a spirit level of reasonable length, a very sharp Stanley knife, and a tape measure.

When I was Naim’s Export Manager it was always an “interesting” experience at airport security screening if I’d accidentally forgotten to pack any set-up tools in my checked bag or if an item like a small allen key had slipped out into the seam of my laptop bag (yes, this happened)…

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Me ears and a theodolite… :sunglasses:

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Quite. Especially if the team member was of Pakistan heritage and had left a pair of scissors in his carry-on bag. Even if he did have a very high NATO security clearance level!
All ended well though, scissors were confiscated and we reconvened in the airside bar!

Music room answer really:

But there is a massive amount of truth in it.

Spirit level, spanner, allen keys, ears. Recently a soldering iron, hot melt glue gun and torque driver.
I could have done with an impact driver too, it was the only way I was going to loosen the rearmost two of the six allen screws on the bottom of each of the NBLs so I could re-torque them but I didn’t have one handy and didn’t relish the idea of bashing away at the speakers anyway so I’ve left those Linn tight. If anyone can confirm they’re meant to be that tight I can stop planning on how to shift them without powdering what remains of the interior foam.

REW software (free) and a measuring microphone, also eyes, a tape measure and ears.

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A lady whose singing I’m getting to know, and liking!


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