What turntable would suit a Naim Uniti Star?

Would I be throwing money away buying a Rega Planar 6 deck if coupled to a Uniti Star c/w KEF R5 speakers and an Arcam rPhono stage?

I currently have a very old (~1986?) Technics SL-QX300, but would like to get something better - partly because the SL-QX300 can only take P-Mount cartridges.

If the Planar 6 is “too good” for my system, then I’d probably go for a Planar 3. But very much open to suggestions.


I think that if you are staying with the Star long term then the RP6 is probably overkill. If you are intending to go to classic separates later, then maybe its worth doing. If you can demo i would start at the RP1 plus and work upwards and then decide?


I don’t understand. I use an LP12 with my Atom and it sounds great. Why not have a good source with the Star?


A Planar 6 sounds like a fine front end for your Uniti Star. Not overkill at all, source first and all that…

Will you be going for the version with the Ania cartridge? That’s the one I’d go for.


Hi Ken and welcome. For me when i experimented with various Core/DAC combo,s from Chord with my Nova, the limiting factor seemed to be the analogue-to digital and then back to analogue conversion done by the Nova. You could hardly tell if it was a Hugo, Qutest or Dave.
So for me if i was buying a new TT for the Star i would work from the bottom of the range upwards to find the best sound versus cost…thats all. If the OP had a LP12 available, i agree, why not.


I use my Linn with the Star and it sounds great.


Ken, in the olden days the Linn LP12 was a great match with the “ lowly” Nait 2. The Star is a very competent amplifier and the RP6 should be great with it. As always get advice from your dealer, as Gazza May have a point about the processing of the signal from the turntable by the Star. If this is not an issue then get the best mid range turntable you can afford.
Another possibility in a similar price band could be the
Clearaudio Concept.


I remember Linn LP12 with NAD3020 and Videotone Minimax or Goodmans Maxims being a recommended system in one hifi magazine :slight_smile:


Can’t go wrong with an LP12, but way pricier than the RP6 you’re suggesting. I know it’s a popular brand, but I wouldn’t buy any Rega over the RP3. For the money needed to go higher, I’d want the option to fit 3rd party elements (spacers on a 1000+ piece of equipment? Not being able to close the dustcover when doing so?).
Tables/brands you should consider IMHO:

  • Technics SL-1200GR (if you don’t mind the looks, don’t dismiss it as a “DJ” deck. It sounds great)
  • Perpetuum Ebner PE1000
  • MoFi StudioDeck (Consider their phonostages as well)

A Michell Syncrodec would also be a very viable option and one that could be built on unlike the Rega 6, start with a Rega 202 arm and you can move up very easily to the Technoarm etc

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I have long held the view that the source is the most important part of a system so a RP6 would not be overkill. When Ivor T said in the 70s “rubbish in rubbish out” a few were sceptical, but listening to a few cheap systems with a Linn proved he was right and is as true today as it ever was.

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My point was you need to try, rather than assuming the Nova analogue input which has an ADC to DAC is capable of handling a top quality source. Having owned one its a great all in one source for music, but you need to explore its limitations.

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hi @haffle – by all means, get the P6. should be great. however, i think you should at least listen to a Rega phono stage if getting a Rega cartridge. there’s no guarantee that your Arcam will perform optimally here.


Thanks all, some very interested and helpful comments; my Arcam rPhono is also new so slightly reluctant to replace it so soon, but accept that phono stages are way cheaper than the decks I am looking at so I need to keep an open mind.

Have to admit that watching a video on YouTube comparing a ~$65 Rega cartridge with an $11 Audio Technica cartridge (which were effectively the same thing) the other day didn’t do much for my faith in the brand … :flushed:

Haffle, I’d imagine that this comparison may be somewhat skewed by factors outside of Rega’s control (such as distribution channels vs. direct sale), and maybe with some other agenda at play. What I can say for sure is that in the UK, the AT3600L and the Rega Carbon are pretty close in price - the former goes for around £20, the Carbon for £25 but if you shop around you might also get a Carbon for a similar price even though it comes in much nicer box and with proper mounting bolts. Either one is an excellent starter cartridge, so I cannot fault Rega for choosing it.

Rega are company renowned for no nonsense and excellent value. Great people too. I recommend you first buy and read the book, it’s refreshing and enlightening.


Hi, leaving aside other matters, one thing thing that a better quality turntable will provide is timing and leading edges that no amount of expensive electronics can ever recover as, without the better quality turntable, they will never get them to process in the first place.
I preferred the sound of Linn over Rega years and years ago when Linn did a cheaper model. At the LP12 level, I preferred the sound of the LP12 over that of the Pink Triangle (which some might remember) both were excellent, but I preferred the Linn presentation for the type of music I like.
So I think always get the best turntable you can afford, but listen to two or three respected makes to decide which presentation you prefer. Best wishes Amer


I could not agree more. :+1:

I’ve travelled up the Rega ladder over the years and found it difficult to match their performance at each price level. Plus, there will always be plenty of opportunities to squeeze more performance out of the turntable if you want to in the future: at a later date you can upgrade the cartridge, phono stage, other separates if you wish. It’s totally up to you, but knowing you got the best source you could afford at the time means you’ll be able to look at other parts of the system when upgradistis strikes again!

Happy shopping. :grinning:

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I think some preferences may be skewed by the different mountings available. If the turntable is mounted on a wooden floor, isolation becomes an issue and the LP12 with its suspended subchassis sounds better. If, like me, your system is mounted on a concrete floor, the Rega comes into its own. Wall mounting is an option I have never tried.

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Suspended decks on a wooden floor can be prone to jumping out of the groove as you walk around the room. When I had a Manticore we couldn’t walk past it without the deck skipping.

I’ve always subscribed to the ‘source first’ mantra. Even with today’s superior (perhaps :wink: ) electronics, even they cannot compensate for missing information from a record deck. I use an LP12/Ittok/Troika via vintage 62/hi cap140 and to my ears it still sounds lovely, despite going through a pair of Linn Nexus speakers that I bought after my budget was nigh bust after buying the other kit. So, in my opinion, go for the best source than your budget allows and feed that via your chosen Naim Star. I reckon you wont go far wrong.

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