What type sd memory card fits in a uniti nova

I have a naim nova. I bought a Rel T7x subwoofer. This came with a high res rel cable.
After installing the nova was heating up to 60 degrees Celsius !.
I contacted mij naim dealer and they told me that due to impedance differently the rel needs a special cable to prevent this problem. 400 euro!. I find it very strange that they sell a subwoofer with a cable that does not work!.does somebody know a cheaper solution?
ps. After removal of the rel cable the temperature was directly Norman


You need a normal size sd card, not micro. Format as Fat32.

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Is this thread about SD cards or Rel sub connections?!


If subwoofers:

If it’s a high level feed then you should never connect from the speaker output terminals on a Naim amplifier as this may lead to instability. Instead you should connect to the speaker connectors on the loudspeakers themselves, as this way the connection is not “seen” by the Naim amp.

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You have several options:

Buy the expensive cable and connect it to the Nova loudspeaker output sockets.

Buy a much cheaper version of this cable from an alternative supplier called Designacable.

Split the outer sheath of the supplied cable and connect it to the input sockets of your loudspeakers.

Use a low level connection via a single RCA lead from the Nova pre out.

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