What was in the box? (NDS)

Have an NDS and a 555PS DR. The NDS is from 2013 and the 555 from 2017. I understand where most of the things belong but the burndies I don’t know. Did they come with the NDS or with the 555?

IIRC, unlike the ND555, the NDS could be supplied with 2x Burndy cables as an option if using it with a 555PS.

The 555PS doesn’t normally come supplied with Burndy cables.

This from the NDS page suggests no burndies included

The 555PS page doesn’t mention them either so @james_n’s memory seems to be working

My NDS from 2015 came with two Burndys. I wouldn’t purchase and NDS without them.

I thought they were optional as you had the lower cost option of powering the NDS from the XP5XS or XPS power supplies (Single Burndy) and both these supplies already came supplied with a Burndy. I was trying to do the man maths to step from a NDX to an NDS at the time :flushed:

Edit - Here’s a price list from 2014 with the NDS on its own or with two Burndy cables

As James says, the NDS could be purchased with or without Burndies so that you didn’t have to buy them if you already had some. It was also supplied with a DIN5 interconnect, Link plug, BNC to RCA adaptor, Wi-Fi Antenna and Remote Control.

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My NDS came new with the two Burndies for use with a 555 PS, but I initially used a NP5XS with the Burndy that unit came with and the Link plug.
I had just upgraded from a ND5XS to the NDS so still had the PS.

I don’t hear of anyone using a NP5XS with an NDS :grinning:
But it was short lived as I had to have a 555DR and make the NDS complete.


Worth noting is Powerline was not included prior to Powerline not existing. Not sure which year they started being included. No burndy with 555PS.

Thank you! So it seems they were bought as an add on when one wanted or needed them.

Thank you!

Thank you! So the burndies are something That, if supplied, is with the NDS not the 555.

Thank you, very useful.


Thank you!


Yes. When I bought my NDS I specifically made sure the Burndys were included as they don’t come with the 555. Even though I don’t need them yet, they are worth a few hundred quid.

Yes here in Sweden they are 1250£ for both if you buy them new and I for one have never seen them for sale as used

I “accidentally” sold my burndy along with my 555 last time. Found a new unopened one for 265 EUR on the local second hand pages for my new 555. Live and learn :smile::see_no_evil:

Ah yes, but I think there is a difference between the dual burndies used with ND555/NDS and the single one used with NDX. I don’t think you can use one of the two 555 burndies when powering an NDX.

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True :+1: SXPS goes into 1 if used with say NDX2.

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