What was the last bit of gear you bought in 2023?

Here is the real No Name. :grin:


A keeper or snake oil? I found the usb one very marginal

Brought 3 of these.

Bad move, in my systems softness the sound and makes the image smaller, bad impulse buy, also softens the textures and most information is less sharp.

Also listening to a Niagara 3000 and thinking if I will acquire it or not, it’s brand new and maybe needs burn in. I like it but is expensive and has to be a decision with logic and not with the heart.

I will only move the Niagara to the rack if I keep it.


Can probably work in the right system, but nothing for Naim IMO, shrinks the overtones and joy in the music…


Agreed, a bad choice. As I said, shooting from the hip rarely works well…:innocent:

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and one of his best films…:+1:


Regarding the iSilencer for me is not a keeper, other than the dac’s and the streamers from them most of their other products did not work for me.

Their filters and dongles work to some extent, but also always subtract something.

I find their power cables nothing special, the power strip is not bad but also is not something I use.

I have and also had a lot of their products, the dac’s are keepers, the rest are on their boxes to be resold or offered.

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iFi Zen Phono is actually really good, especially if you upgrade it with their iPowerX. But it’s the only product they make that I appreciate.

I do not have a record player, but some friends have the zen phono and they love it.

I think their hardware is good, the filters and the cables they are average or even poor compared to other brands at the same price.

But the hardware, the zen range, micro, all dac’s, the streamers are honest proposals and even better than many offerings on the market.

Simply their filters and cables most of the time degrade more than give. The micro iUSB was good enough but if the dac was very transparent and detailed it subtracted some information, but with cheap dac’s it was a great add on.

The power supply’s are good I have a few generations and the power elites also. The first generations sometimes produced a very thin audible noise, the generations after were good.

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I should have written the only product that I try that I am satisfied with. Haven’t heard their streamer or dacs, could very well be good :+1:

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On Friday I added an LFD power cord to my Lumin P1 streamer/Pre/Dac. Nice uplift right away, and I have had it playing for most of the weekend. No idea if there is burn in required, we shall see. Swapped some unused gear for it, so no money out of pocket.


I’ve used their Zen Stream for a year now. Great box of tricks. It replaced Audirvana feeding my DAC. Hypothetically, if you wanted a low cost way of adding modern streaming functionality to older Naim streamers like the NDX, this nugget would be the way to do it. Though I added a linear MCRU power supply instead of the xPower.


By definition that is what filters do otherwise they aren’t working. :0)


Not so much “Bought” as “ Brought back”!
I went and fetched my Linn Keilidh’s back from my brother in law this morning. :hugs:
They are off to Wilmslow Audio for a service etc and will hopefully be back in use early April.
The Dynaudio’s could be on notice soon😬


Dynaudio Special 40 on Dynaudio Stand 20 (stock photo) installed today, replacing my Neat Iota Xplorer’s. Since moving to this new build property I have really been struggling with my Neat Motive SX1’s and Iota Xplorers, both had a complete lack of bass and a harshness in the treble. So this week I decided to buy the Dynaudio Special 40’s which are a totally different design of speaker and great joy, they work in my room, I have proper bass, I have a sweet treble and stunning midrange and they look stunning. To say I am happy is an understatement.


Hope Wilmslow Audio sort out your Linn’s, I bought a pair when they first came out and had them for many years still not sure why I gave them to my son, when they were on song the performance was stunning.

I think the biggest problem I had with them @silverback, was entirely in my own head!

  • They’re too old…
  • There must be much better products out there, it’s time I changed…
  • They weren’t expensive enough to bring the best out of my now much better system…

All in my head!
They never even had a chance as they were gone before the new kit showed up and I think the biggest problem from an SQ stand point was probably the Roksan K3 Integrated/Power combo with my solo input of the LP12.
It’s time to get them back to their best and see how they fit with either system (Main Naim or Media Room) before I make any major/costly decisions.

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Your comments sound identical to my thoughts at the time, I think the upgrade path can lure us in the wrong direction sometimes, now I have a totally different front end it would be very interesting to hear how they perform now.
I think from memory I payed £575 for them, I think after a short time Linn increased the price to around £8-900 not totally sure been a long time ago.
From memory the build and finish was excellent, be very interested to hear how things work out on their return.


I have decided to keep the Niagara 3000, it is a very clean presentation I hope with time this very clean and detailed sound does not reveal to be fatiguing.


Your room is amazing! Beautiful setup and one of if not the greatest bookshelves ever made.

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