What was the last bit of gear you bought?

Thank you Slamdam. I hoped it would. I had the same hum with the previous NAP250-2, and when it did not go away with NAP250DR, I assumed it must be mains, rather the repeated issue with the NAP, esp. that I heard DR version does not hum, or hum less… Could be too simple logic and wrong assumption. Need to investigate further. Never too late to learn some electrics.

Thank you feeling_zen. I guess, I ruled that out completely. The 250DR is humming when connected ONLY to the mains (with standard Naim cord) and of course the speakers plugged in (Kudos S20, via 3.5m pair of KS-1). Normally, I use Graham’s Hydra for almost full system and a separate, but regular wall socked. I live in an apartment, that is only few yeas old and with a decent, up-to-standard electrical network… yet, surrounded by numerous power consuming devices. This is why, I was thinking the issue was more external and DC blocker could help.

Thank you for this idea bruss. My 250DR rests on the base of FraimLite with NDX and 282 above - both fully externally powered from the units resting on the second cabinet… Will look closer and start switching everything off on the second cabinet - router, switches, etc. These were not under suspicion and this is easy check.

I may have misunderstood. I thought the hum was heard through the speakers.

If it is only eminating from the physical 250, then earth loops can be ruled out. A humming transformer is indeed going to be other issues like offset or over voltage. The latter is also known to be common in some areas. You might want to measure the mains voltage and see if it significantly higher than what you expect.

This is most helpful! I measured 241V, after DC blocker and the same in a random other socket in the house. After I changed the batteries in the meter (was not used for a longer while), the second exactly the same take shows 240V to be the actual voltage in the mains. The expected/nominal is 230V so the actual is coming 4% higher. Could that be the root cause?

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Unlikely. Firstly the UK tolerance allows up to 253 Volts so you are a way off that, even taking into account that a multimeter might be 1-2% out if uncalibrated.

I suggest you read the following article for help:


Nope, within tolerances. Here in Sweden we have 230V ±10%.

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Hungryhalibut just discovered a bad cable in his system, see his thread. He was swapping between a nait 02 and 05, with only one of the boxes affected by the bad cable. Might be your issue also?



Well, @Bart’s good fortune getting a Naim Solstice is my opportunity to claim first dibs on the SuperCap DR, Burndy, and HiLine he used with his SuperLine.

I had settled on living with my system without upgrading the SuperLine to use a SuperCap, but I couldn’t resist. It just so happens I also have Bart’s old 252, which I bought a couple years ago from Tyler after Bart traded it in.

First impressions are quite good. With the whole system stone cold after staying powered down since last night I put on the MoFi 45 of Dire Straits “Once Upon A Time In The West.” Right off the bat I can hear more bite and punch to Knopfler’s guitar, and the bass is deeper, more dynamic and more refined. Lat on I will spend some time playing jazz and classical, which is what I mainly listen to overall.


Looks like mine will get here next week only…This is not fun, the waiting, so I’m going to have to get something in the interim to tide me over :blush:

I’m sorry about that. I was looking forward to you reporting about its delivery.
I’m very pleased with mine.
Good luck, here’s hoping it’s not too long.

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Sbooster psu for my innuos zen mini mk3…see what that brings to the Nd5xs2

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Just purchased three Witch Hat Morgana cables for CDX2.2, 52, and 250 to replace stock cables.

Quoted a 4-5 week lead time. Can’t wait.

Also waiting on a 2m Shawline to connect my Rega Aria to 52 while I wait for my Solstice.

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They quoted me 3-4 weeks on hatpin but shipped it after 1 :man_shrugging:

Incidentally how are you finding your Kanta 1 speakers from NDX 2 & SN3? I must admit i’ve always hankered after a pair, after hearing them at the Bristol Show. Can’t for the life of me remember what the system was though…other than that it was a Naim.

Reason why i ask is i’ve just spotted a pair going for a reasonable price and my finger is hovering over the trigger. :smiley:


Ha! What a nice coincidence!

My home demo of Dynaudio Confidence 20 is now over and it’s time to sum up the impressions.
It has been a real pleasure to enjoy these, in many ways, spectacular speakers. I have probably never before listened to a pair of bookshelf speakers that give such an incredible insight into how the music is produced. Confidence 20 has an incredible ability to peel off layer after layer in the music recording and then present the result to the listener. For better or for worse. They also have an incredible ability to reproduce the entire musical scale, except for the very lowest bass tones, it is after all a bookshelf speaker. If you like listening to classical music, piano, and so on, this is a speaker which is really worth a listen. You will not be disappointed.

When it comes to rock, pop, punk, and so on, the result is something else. The extremely neutral, strict and revealing reproduction of the music makes this type of music easily sound a bit boring and unengaging. It’s never really fun to listen to this type of music through Dynaudio Confidence 20. It’s for that reason, and only for that reason, that I unfortunately have to send the speakers back to the dealer. Sadly, because it is, as I said before, a spectacular speaker in many ways!



Thank you for your review, Bjorn. They are a lot of money for me, so it is good to get your impressions, especially as I don’t have the opportunity to try them at home, if I was to go ahead. Interestingly, there was a WhatHiFi review on the C20s this week as well, and that came to a similar conclusion. I don’t listen to Classical that much, my main interests are Rock, Indie and Folk music, so it sounds like this may not be a suitable speaker for me. Shame, as I rather like the look and the design. But thank you, that was really helpful. Cheers, John

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Yes, with your taste in music, as well as with mine, there are probably other candidates who are better suited. And perhaps more affordable. Cheers // Björn

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3x 0.5m Lindy C14 to C13 extension cables to use in combination with my Power-Line mains cables because there’s only space enough to use IEC slim design connectors on my Klimaxes;

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