What was the last CD you bought


I heard the spaghetti western track on paradise radio and was hooked …


I’m introducing myself to a new Debussy CD as often as possible. This is today’s.




I had a voucher to use up so bought this to complete my Yello CD collection.


What’s the SQ on that set like ?


One of my fellow travelers along the music way recommended this:

I had tried listening to Fado before but just could not get into it but this changed my mind.


This would be one of 5 as I had 15 minutes to fill in Tunbridge Wells before I met up with some family members. Not having been there for years I thought I would go for a wander and stumbled across the HMV store, which meant I had about 8 minutes browsing time, 2 mins to pay before hot footing it to meeting place.
So I found and bought Wildness by Snow Patrol, Transangelic Exodus by Esra Furman, Deportation Blue by BC Camplight, How to Solve our Human Problems Pts 1-3 by Belle and Sebastion and Tell Me how you really feel by Courtney Barnett. Can’t remembered now which one I picked up last. Note to self, don’t wander into cd store and expect to come out without buying something.


36 cds in this Xmas present




Buddy Guy - The Blues Is Alive And Well.

Just ordered, and at less than five squid on The River … bargain!


Buddy Guy - Bring 'Em In / Skin Deep.

Two Buddy Guy albums, again from The River, at at less than six squid, again, a bargain!


I got this a year or so ago it’s a good twin pack I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, Dave.


I’m only up to the 4th CD so far…
the 1st CD has some rawness from the 1974 live recording in Melbourne, but good musical performance, SQ improves with the later recordings to arrive at fair to middling, imo this hard and fast rock needs care with recording & mixing that ‘live’ can’t always provide, personally i prefer the AC/DC studio sound.
But overall it’s acceptable, heard far worse but i find the sheer quantity of material a bit fatiguing after a disc or two, need to take time out to recover from the hells bells of tinnitus before the next head-banging session :exploding_head:

But anyway, thanks for the heads up, Stu :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:








Picked this up today. 4-CD box set (Without Mercy by The Durutti Column)