What was the last concert / gig you attended?

I’ve never liked Carmina B, but it certainly works with those words! Fun.

Bet the Rautavaara was good.

Rautavaara was an interesting piece with some recorded bird calls mixed in ( like Respighi’s Pines of Rome with a recorded sound of Nightingale ) Certainly very Sibelius-esque beautiful nature tone poem.

P.S. With that misheard lyrics, i can sing along! :laughing:

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This past weekend, a Girl Named Tom, live at The Factory in Chesterfield, Missouri. Going back in June to hear Fleet Foxes, which I am really looking forward to! Great, small venue too, highly recommended for those of us on the other side of the pond and in the Midwest territory!

First interval of Turandot from the ROH at our local Cinema.
Fabulous first act❤️
What a fabulous performance.
We saw this production at the ROH back in the early ‘90’s and it was as good if not better tonight. Simply brilliant😊

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Marillion weekend at Port Zelande Holland last weekend. Sixth time since 2011. Three nights of great music. Saturday night performance of latest album An Hour Before Its Dark was a highlight, particularly last song Care which was immense and emotional. Loved the last night on Sunday where the theme was we are all getting on a bit and need a quieter third night so we are going to play some of our more laid back stuff that we don’t play very often.


Kurt Vile and The Violators

Good gig


OK…charity event. But never have I heard such great soul music over such a crappy PA.

Leyton Soul Alldayer. Sorry, fail.

And this was early (8’ish), few people…god knows if it’ll i

Edit/ sound has improved, thank the lord - if he had a hand in it. But…the music’s bloody great.

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Starset at Alcatraz, Milan
A present from my son and daughter for my birthday.
Really enjoyed the show.
Nothing really new……Another sci-fi band but very good songs, good musicians and amazing digital scenery.
BTW the Mexican dinner before the show was very good as well.

After much soul searching and fear of Covid I decided to start living again. Tomorrow night is Eels at Nottingham Rock City, my first gig since Covid. Or it might be … I’m presently sitting in A&E with my Father. The last time we were here it was 35 hours. The maths tells me I’m gonna miss the gig.
Still, more important things to worry about.


Gosh I missed live music during COVID. For me (NZ), fortunately it was a fairly short exclusion period. For a couple of years I saw only local acts (and there are many worth seeing) but the last 12 months has seen international acts return again. I had, for example, bought tickets to see Cowboy Junkies in 2019 for a March 2020 gig that we finally got to see this January.

The Eels would be a great way to get back into live music and I hope you get to go. I wish they (he?) would tour here.

Enjoy getting back to live music, when you finally are able to.

Cheers, Ian


Royal Albert Hall last night. Some nights just work and end up being very special. Roger Daltrey and friends Richard Ashcroft, Joan Armatrading and Kelly Jones. Richard Ashcroft and just his guitar was pure class.


Went to see the 50th Anniversary of Tubular Bells last night at Sheffield City Hall.
Absolutely outstanding musicianship by artists I had barely heard of before. I knew about Robin A Smith of course but all the others were new to me. Jay Stapely played lead guitar on his strat and did a pretty good impression of Viv Stanshall introducing the instruments.
The other guitarist Maxine (can’t remember his surname) played Spanish, acoustic, strat, telecaster, Gibson, mandolin and keyboard and his assistant ( guitar technician I suppose) worked damn hard all night keeping him supplied with the right instrument at the right time.
The stars of the show for me though, we’re the percussionists who drove the show with some powerful playing.
I think the tour finishes in Bath tonight but I’m glad I was able to see it.


Yes that’s it. Absolutely brilliant.
Tried to look up most of the musicians but there seems to be little information about most of them apart from them being classically trained. Some appear on various albums seemingly as session musicians rather than being part of the band.
I’ll certainly keep an eye out for them in the future.

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Tori Amos in Cambridge… nice show with an interesting Depeche Mode medley thrown in at the end. Support act was a Norwegian songstress named Skor I think.


More Tori Amos, this time at the Royal Albert Hall

Unusually for me, I was not on the floor of the auditorium. When Tori plays with a band, there is a lot going on sound wise and I find it can get a bit ‘dense’. Being at the front of the circle, the sound was well balanced (thank you Mr Hawley!). Few of my favourites made it to this particular set list but ‘Silent All These Years’ was spellbinding.


Boccherini, Vivaldi & Mozart 40/Pablo Sáinz-Villegas/CSO


Symphony No. 26 in C Minor
Fandango from Guitar Quintet No. 4 in D Major

Guitar Concerto in D Major, RV 93

Symphony No. 40

Surprisingly I enjoyed the entire program!

Boccherini’s Symphony No.26: The first movement sounded a bit like Mozart’s Symphony No. 40. Interestingly they were both written on the same year 1788. Mozart was 32, Boccherini 45. This illustrates a great composer vs. a good composer. Mozart pieces are much more emotional and full of wit whereas Boccherrini work, whilst they were well put together but they sounded a bit formulaic. It’s clear that Mozart was more creative and breaking a new ground back then. Fandango was fun altho not sure why they did not play the entire score. The 3rd movement had the most Spanish style whilst the other two are more viennese. The guitar did not dominate or sounded harsh. Maybe they were nylon strings.

Now for the No.40. Labadie kept the pace with very animated dynamic reading rivaling Emanuelle Haim, even! String tones were warm and big but they avoided becoming too heavy or overly romantic keeping the liveliness of the score.

Vivaldi’s guitar concerto was great. I was sitting right in front of the soloist so got the most immediate sensation. Lovely!

I am trying to go beyond Four Seasons in Vivaldi’s vast work. Chipping away little by little. There are some gems in there~


Lamb of God

Wembley arena

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Wonderful concert by Bridgnorth Sinfonia

. The soloist was stunning, I’m sure she will be on the world stage soon.

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Robert Forster at the Darling Harbour Theatre, a brilliant acoustic set.

Becks on next