What was the last tape you bought?

I know there are a few of us on this forum who have tape decks and who enjoy listening to cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes.

So why not have a thread devoted to new purchases of all things magnetic?

I’ll get the ball rolling with this newly-acquired cassette on the Astral Spirits label by Cyril Bondi and d’Incise…

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Bought this one yesterday, with Christmas in mind.

I’ll get me coat.


What’s the SQ like Dave? Was it recorded in Dubbly?


The SQ (sticky quotient) seems very good.


Very good Dave……on good form today😁

Aye, Gazza, you’ve got to keep your sense of humour in these strange times.


Fisco 25 Metres on A and B sides.

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Bought at Charnock Richard service station on M6 in 1988. Bought very few albums on cassette, it was a medium for recording stuff to play in the car. Safe to say every single one I bought was either a freebie or out of a bargain bin.


Ah, back on topic … … … … sorry, @TheKevster about that little diversion.

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I bought these a few months back. Unused but the brittle wrappers had fallen apart on many of them. Hissier than more modern metal formulations but these Early Hitachi and Maxell Metals had incredible MOL figures and work brilliantly even today.



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I’ve started buying cassettes again. Yipee!

Here’s some retro electronica by Louis Laurain and Pierre Warnecke on the Astral Spirits tape label.

Thanks @Richard.Dane for re-opening the thread.


The question is just why? Tape was and is an awful format!

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No, it’s actually not. That’s why.

I can see that it does have disadvantages in terms of usability, like finding the track you wanted to listen to, and its long term fragility, but on the plus side it is inherently reusable and cassettes used in cars were easier to use than CDs.

On the other hand, dragging a sharp rock through a plastic groove that cannot be rerecorded on is hardly the last word in practical. Granted you can play a record back using a pin and a paper cup, but I am not sure that I would want my music delivered like that. :0)

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I think the last tapes I bought were the entire(?) “Round the Horne/Rambling Sid Rumpo” set off a chap on ebay.

One of the cassettes is now knackered, but I think all the rest are OK.

I have some of those too. I don’t think that I ever bought prerecorded music tapes.

Probably last one I bought was a boot leg of some description. Huge amount of them back in the day and good way to hear bands live (although most were terrible recordings)

I never bought many. One of the earliest I bought was “Mothermania”, the label/inner of which I dropped in the bath whilst listening to the cassette on my Philips EL3302