What was the last theatre show you attended?

We have What Was The Last books, cinema, dvd , concerts, you read, saw or attended, but what was the last theatre show or event you attended?

I am being slightly vague, as what I am asking really includes other live performances such as opera

Matthew Bourne’s Romeo and Juliet (ballet) at the Mayflower in Soton.

I liked the adaptation, the staging and the show’s design and lighting. The cast were more than good but the standout dancing for me was that of Romeo’s solo dance when he expressed his longing for Juliet. His sheer athleticism reminded me of gymnast Louis Smith.

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Went to see the official ‘Sun Records’ stage show at the Peace Hall in Halifax.Nobody famous in the show,but what marvellous musicians,they recreated the sounds of the day perfectly.The show doesn’t rely on just the hits that we all know,but on the development of rock n roll,from Howling Wolf ,Carl Perkins etc,we’ll worth seeing if you get the chance.

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“The Rise and Fall of Little Voice”, the other week, at The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick.

Beloved Clara - at the Newbury Spring Festival with my favourite actress - Juliet Stevenson and Henry Goodman , a superb afternoon , the idea of Juliet Stevenson in this small country town on a Sunday afternoon. :grinning: Lovely music as well.

Worth missing the end of the football season for…

Gym & Tonic By John Godber, touring production…one to avoid…on the other hand
Lehman Trilogy was exceptional from start to finish

‘Sir Ian McKellen On Stage’

A masterly 2h performance.


Pretty certain that would have been a cracking night, I looked at the prices for his King Lear and they were scary

That’s why I asked about theatre shows as not all visits to the theatre are about straight plays or musicals .

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