What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?


This is the one.


Original pressing?


The Neal Morse Band Three LPs + Two CDs set
Preorder for 1st Feb release.

Prog rock at its best.:ok_hand:


Mods or Andy,
Any chance you can change the thread title to
What LP Record have you just bought ?
Or what vinyl album have you just bought?
What was the last vinyl you bought ?Just seems a bit wrong.


What do you think of it ?
I’ve been debating with myself about buying it on vinyl or just go for CDs and or just the Bluray?


2010 MOV reissue


1983 first US release


I’ve ordered this Feb release Rhino LP collection by the Late Great Curtis Mayfield.
The Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin mono vinyl sets are stunning SQ so hope these are the same.

If Rod Stewart can get a knighthood for living in America and not paying British tax since the mid 70s
Why can’t Curtis get one for his massive contribution to music ?


The latest 4 or 5 JM LPs come with CDs included.
All his albums are good except the Jen Aniston split up album.
He lost the plot a bit with that one.
Personally I would love to see him back at his best with the trio .
Live nobody could touch them.
I think he was born playing the guitar.
So much natural talent .


Live with full Orchestra at Royal Festival Hall this 3 disc vinyl plus dvd of his recent concert should be a real treat.


I’ve been playing that 5 sided 3LP + 2 CD set loads lately while looking forward to Neals new album next month.
ProgRock at its best.:+1:


Thanks Specs. Although I did quite enjoyed Born & Raised…


Thanks for the heads up @Specs - I also have the superb Aretha and Otis boxes so I have high hopes for this one. Pre-ordered!


Don’t know Coldplay still too well, and bought a bit on spec, but I enjoyed it. Vinyl is a good pressing, and nicely presented. Glad I bought.


I have more John Mayer LP and CD pressings from around the world than you can shake a stick at.
He never asks but I would get out of bed to tour with him on Percussion .


In the words of Monty Python You lucky lucky bastard :cloud_with_lightning:


Yazz Ahmed La Saboteuse


1972 first UK release


First 1979 UK release


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