What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?

Nice suprise to receive this today, was originally coming next week…

Acoustic Sounds Series, released today… :+1:t3: :sunglasses: :grinning:


Arrive yesterday and it’s awesome


This arrive the day before yesterday and listening too it now, seems promising

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One of the best reissued LPs of recent years. Hope you have the Frank Merritt remaster…


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I wish -I didn’t know that one existed! I just started a thread on which LP or CD of various great albums should be pursued. It looks like we could do with your input.

I have the Flying Dutchman version. It is much better than suggested on that review, and a good deal better than the digital versions that I know ( which are really not great), but I’ll admit that his voice is a tad exaggerated and overly bassy at times.


Had the same conversation with a mate of mine. I reckon the Merritt 2x45rpm is superb. My mate was sceptical and he decided to order the two recent reissues on Amazon - and send back the ‘weakest’.

To his surprise he kept the 50th Anniversary AAA 2-Disc Set. (To be honest, I’ve not the other recent reissue).


They did a remarkable job with that Masterpiece… Enjoy It

I bought this when it first came out 42-odd years ago when it was released on cassette only; hence the title (the Stowaway was the first model of Walkman in the late '70s, the TPSL2). It got chewed up sometime in the '80s so this LP reissue is very welcome…


Bowie - A Reality Tour
2017 Japanese Edition 3LP

Bought this one for a reasonable price in Japan and I am really enjoying it. It‘s not an audiophile record but it transfers lots of feelings and the SQ is really good for a live record. Side 1 is already very promising and I am enjoying my afternoon.


I have it on DVD and it’s terrific, lots of tunes from across his career, not just the biggies and very refreshing for that. Recorded in Dublin, Bowie in wonderful form and the crowd just loving every moment.

There is a great moment when Bowie is introducing the band and he announces - “On guitar, from Dublin’s fair city, Gerry Leonard”. There is a momentary pause as the crowd realise that Gerry is one of their own and the place explodes and Bowie pauses and gives him his moment. Brilliant.


Hey @LSLFAN you are absolutely right, the atmosphere is totally fascinating, there are lots of moments when you can feel the interaction between artists and audience :+1:

My favorites are the Rock version of „Hallo Spaceboy“, Bowie in top form in „The man who sold the world“ and an atmospheric „bring me the Disco King“ :ok_hand: I am totally happy with the purchase of the record. Nice Sunday afternoon


After intensive Bowie listening it‘s now time for some Mac.

Got a 1979 NM German pressing for a tenner and this one makes me so happy, brilliant SQ :ok_hand: I just love when Mick‘s drums are singing. With „Dreams“ and „The Chain“ maybe two of the best Pop/Rock songs of all times on it. Just in my opinion, but anyway a wonderful album you could always listen to.


Nancy & Lee
1968 German pressing NM quality

I had to wash this little treasure twice but hey: what a d**n good record, just in fantastic shape. Brilliant SQ, far better than this expensive (50 Euros) horrible reissue from last year that I had to send back.

This one really sings and shows incredible dynamic. One of the best records I bought this year :ok_hand:


What’s it like @Toon ?

Sadly the last time I saw him was this tour. Good record though :+1:

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I like it. Have played it 4 times now and like some of the nuances bringing certain instruments forward. The 2nd LP is a great mix of additional material. I love the 2012 Olympics bit too.

Happy with my decision to buy it.

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Seen this several times on here so thought I would give it a try…

Cleaned and ready to play… :sunglasses: :grinning:


Kirsten Edkins - Shapes & Sound

First release from Cohearent Records, the company of Kevin Gray. This is an all-analog project from the beginning to the end with a very talented band leader and her band. KG gives all experience and technology to it.

The vinyl is pressed at RTI and shows no senseless noise or whatever. Job perfectly done as usual. But the SQ is just amazing, the instruments are so clear and detailed in front of me. Fascinating :blush: This Drummer is just sitting in my living room and carries the whole thing.

If you would watch out for the perfect record this one is very close to it. It‘s just to enjoy the music. This record is expensive but worth every penny. :ok_hand: Buy now or cry later :wink:

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2022 reissue…