What Was The Last Vinyl You Bought?


Bob Mould Sunshine Rock Pre-order which arrives this Friday!



Bought at their gig in The Haunt, Brighton last night, special edition with a 7" single included. Pleasant surprise was the Bandcamp download code that came with it was for 1.2GB of hi-res .wav files




Still haven’t got round to playing any of them yet…


Love Gorillaz and that’s another great album right there. I’ve just got the standard vinyl but how much was that little lot?


Gorillaz - The Now Now. Deluxe Edition 180 Vinyl gram, Box Set - currently on offer at Amazon UK for £31.73. Elsewhere, circa £40-£50.


Just bought the first 4 OMD albums remastered at half speed. Lovely sound to them. I am a big fan of dazzleships, it does seem a bit of a marmite album, it wonderful from this master.


Mercury Rev, Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited - arrived just now from the Bella Union Store. :sunglasses:


The Return of Durutti Column, 2018 edition sandpaper sleeve + clear 7"



Great art work.


Tommy Emmanuel, Accomplice One. Fabulous Musicianship and exemplary sound. Very nice!





I visited Fopp Covent Garden today and came away with these two




From Discogs. Original U.K. release. Some slightly irritating scratches early on in the title track (track 1), presumably from clumsy cueing, but the rest is pretty pristine and wow, what a difference it makes to have the old 70’s vinyl vs my later reissue. Vivid, colourful, airy, atmospheric and very moving. £25 very well spent.


Viva Discogs!


Captain Fantastic was one of the first vinyl albums I ever bought and I still have my original copy. I think this and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road are his two best albums and both have good sound quality. I think Gus Dudgeon did a great job as producer on these albums.




You’re right about Gus Dudgeon Neil. I also picked up a copy of Blue Moves from Discogs, the scratches are irksome, but a mere trifle set against hearing this great music properly. Still seeking a good original copy of Yellow Brick Road…


Blue Moves is a good album too, Kevin. I have this on original vinyl. Hopefully, you can pick up a good copy of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I also think Rock of The Westies is an underrated album. After Elton’s 70s heyday, I felt his subsequent albums left something to be desired and eventually I stopped buying his work, although now and then on some songs he showed signs of the old magic. I don’t think he is treated as seriously as some of his contemporaries, but that might have something to do with some of his antics and crazy costumes, which perhaps detracted from the music.


On ‘gold’ vinyl but it looks more like a yucky pale brown, kind of Caramac bar colour if anybody remembers them