What was your best pre-owned vinyl purchase in 2020

So no denying none of us will miss 2020, but did you add something special to your record collection, perhaps a long sought after rarity, an impulse buy, whatever.
I’ll kick this one off…
“Space Hymns” by Ramases, bought it in my local record shop just because I loved the artwork, a massive fold out poster of a rocket blasting out of a church roof,

which until I read the credits I didn’t realise was by Roger Dean. The band? No less than an early incarnation of 10cc.

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That is a great album I have it on CD along with the second album Glass Top Coffin (this one without 10cc)

I seem to recall that Ram and Mrs Ram we’re commanded by Egyptian Pharaohs to make the album - well the first one anyway.

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Me too


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